So what is the best laptop brand? If you are one of the many new consumers who go in search of notebook computers, tablet PCs and mini netbooks, then you are probably wondering which is the best laptop brand to buy. This is a very common question that runs through just about everybody's minds when they go shopping for a new minicomputer. With the rising popularity of notebooks and netbooks, there are more and more manufacturers springing up every year. Because of the growing trend of notebooks and the influx of new companies producing them, the best laptop brand in 2010 and 2011 could be any one of over a half-dozen celebrated and reputable options. Who knows how many there will be after 2012, only time will tell.

What is the Best Laptop Brand?

What is the Best Laptop Brand? You Decide!

Since it would be nearly impossible to proclaim one company to be better than others without being bias or nonobjective, it is up to you to decide which is the best laptop brand to buy. You should do this by putting as much research as you can into each manufacturer and figuring out what kinds of notebooks and netbooks they have to offer, as well at what their prices are like if you happen to be on a budget. For this section we will provide short reviews of several different companies that deserve to be considered the best laptop brand. Take a good look at the reviews and find out for yourself which ones are ideal for your personal needs. There may even be a few of them that stand out to you; there's no need to limit yourself to just one "best laptop brand" when they all have something unique to offer.

Dell - Dell is a company that has been around for a couple of decades and they are known to be some of the most affordable of all notebook computer manufacturers. Some people think Dell is the best laptop brand for college students because of their flexibility for purchasing and how they allow you to sort of rent-to-own the notebooks if you want by making monthly payments. Dell has a bunch of good models to choose from including the Vostro, Adamo, Inspiron and Latitude, and each of them have a wide range of sub-models with different features and processors. This makes Dell one of the best laptop brand names in many eyes because of how many notebooks they have on sale.

HP - Hewlett-Packard, or HP for short, has existed for over six decades and they have proven time and time again that they are a force to be reckoned with in the notebook industry. HP could be the best laptop brand to buy because they are famous for their reliable, durable, well-performing machines that can last for years even with minimal maintenance. Some of the more popular models of notebooks and netbooks available from HP include the Pavilion, TouchSmart and Mini. Because of HP's impressive and innovative features surrounding display, memory and entertainment, they are considered the best laptop brand for gaming by many consumers.

Compaq - Here is a good company that was established in 1982 and has seen mergers two other manufacturers on this list during its history -- HP and IBM. Most of us are familiar with Compaq desktop computers but they are also gaining a name for themselves as possibly the best laptop brand to buy. The Compaq Presario is a highly-regarded mini computer and there is even a mini version of that as well. Compaq is widely considered to be a very reliable and trustworthy company and they have some of the most advanced technology on the market, which contributes greatly to their status as some of the best laptop brands.

Toshiba - This is a massive Japanese manufacturing company that are in the running for the best laptop brand to buy with popular models like the Satellite and Qosmio, as well as a number of others with less-familiar names. Toshiba always integrates the nicest technology when it comes to processors as each of their notebooks come equipped with either an Intel or AMD processor, making Toshibas the best laptop brand in terms of good power.

Apple - Apple is basically a household name much like IBM and HP, but they are super-popular thanks to their other products like the iPad, iPod and iPhone. They are quickly becoming one of the best laptop brand names as well and they are definitely earning it. Apple has plenty of good notebooks, mini netbooks and tablet PCs to pick between such as the MacBook, iBook, Mini and G4. One of the cool things about Apple is their versatility and how they focus on both media and business, giving them a reputation as the best laptop brand for college AND gaming.

Acer - Acer was established in 1976 but was not referred to as "Acer" until 1987. For a company that started as just a man, his wife, and five other friends, it's amazing to think about how fast they have evolved. Now it is 2010-2011 and we're talking about them possible being the best laptop brand, which is pretty amazing to say the least. Anyway, Acer is a fairly well-known manufacturer especially with their high-selling Aspire ONE notebook computer, along with many other good models.

IBM/Lenovo - IBM and Lenovo, as far as I can tell, are the same company. If you look for IBM notebooks, you get to choose from those marked as Lenovo. Either way, they are definitely a candidate for the best laptop brand name because of IBM's history and reputation. It also doesn't hurt that Lenovo produces a few of the coolest notebooks available, the ThinkPad and the IdeaPad. Both of them are packed with nice innovative features that make them the best laptop brand for college students and business people.

ASUS - This is not a very well-known company but they deserve to be mentioned for a few reasons. The main reason is because I think they might just be the best laptop brand to buy for gaming and media. Some of their models are perfect for this function like the notebooks that are listed as part of the Republic of Gamers. A major downside to ASUS is that they are very expensive, but then again for the features and quality you get, it's usually worth the price. Perhaps they are the best laptop brand for those who don't have to worry about money.

Sony - Last but not least we come to Sony. We all know who Sony is because they are famous for their other electronics like radios, televisions and mp3 players. So it should be no surprise to see them listed as the best laptop brand to buy as well, especially when you take into consideration how successful the Sony VAIO is as one of the highest selling notebook computers of all time.

With all of these companies to pick between, it may be difficult to decide what is the best laptop brand, but in 2010 and 2011, does it really matter? As you can see they could each be proclaimed the best laptop brand for their own unique reasons. It all depends on what your preferences are.