Purchasing a new laptop is one of a college student's largest and most important investments. College students use their laptops for everything, including taking notes and printing papers. You don't want to make the critical mistake of purchasing a poorly performing laptop or one that doesn't suit your exact needs. Listed below are the top five best college laptops for students: In my opinion, the best college laptops for college students (in terms of pricing only) is a Dell Inspiron; regardless of the specific model, the Dell Inspiron is sure to suit all of your immediate needs. Complete with the Dell Guarantee and the most updated system and application software, the Dell Insprion is the best affordable college laptop. If you are a college student and are looking for a computer aimed more towards gaming and animation, I recommend a Hewlett Packard (HP). Hewlett Packard makes dozens of varieties of laptops, and all are just as good in terms of performance and operability. A good thing about Hewlett Packard laptops is that they are compatible with nearly any printer or scanner on the market, as HP is the leading manufacturer of computer hardware in the world. Most Hewlett Packard laptops are complete with installed software designed to optimize performance for all of college students' printing and scanning needs. Students who like portability and ease-of-access should consider IBM laptops. IBM laptops generally weigh no more than one or two pounds, are durable, and can be transported nearly anywhere safely and securely. Although IBM is no longer the best manufacturer of laptops, their computers come complete with whatever a college student may need, including world processing software and wireless cards. The absolute best college laptop is, without a doubt, the Apple MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro is essential for students wishing to pursue a degree in graphic design, animation, film production, computer science, or business. Apple equips each and every laptop with the iLife suite, which includes programs such as iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD. These programs are great for college students looking to incorporate multimedia instructional tools with traditional classroom learning. For those shopping with a tighter budget, consider Apple's MacBook (less than the Pro). It has less features but will still get the job done. Be careful and have consideration when shopping for a college laptop. Understand exactly what you will need as a student and don't spend too much on something you really don't need. Keep your eyes peeled for sales and internet liquidations; they are always occurring and often guarantee you the best deal.