The Redmax EZB8500 Leaf Blower

This thing is a monster


This is not the least expensive blower on the market for many a reason, in fact its the most expensive blower on the market. At a whopping +$500 it has a lot to live up to.


4.4 Horsepower… yes 4.4 Horsepower with only one purpose: to move whatever you point it at in one direction very quickly. Most blowers will stop moving leaves when the pile you want to move gets to be around 1-2ft tall. Pesky piles of leaves are not a problem any more. I’ve moved piles around 3ft tall with this blower in one passing! The amount of air it puts out is staggering… literally! If you aren’t leaning forward in full throttle you might not be on your feet for long. The Redmax EBZ8500 generates wind speeds over 200mph and has an in-tube airflow of 908 CFM.

            If you can’t see the power with your eyes you shouldn’t have any problem hearing it. I wouldn’t recommend using this machine without hearing protection. It will blow out your ears in a heartbeat. Headphones are a small price to pay for the awesome power of this blower.


This blower weighs a lot less than it appears to. The major parts are heavy and made of metal, but the body is made of a lightweight and incredibly dense polymer. In total it weights only 25 pounds.

It comes fully padded and fully prepped for ease of use. The straps are ridged yet soft and the backing material provides just enough support to keep the weight off any one spot.


         I’ve been using Redmax’s latest model of the blower for close to 6 months without any problems what-so-ever. It starts on the first or second pull every time, and I’ve run it full-on for close to 6 hours straight, no problems.

            This model blower comes with a 2 year warranty and a potential 3-4 year warranty if you buy a 6 pack of oil or specialty Redmax 50:1 premixed fuel.

            The warranty covers everything on the machine, and I can understand why they guarantee quality for years of use.  Every part on the machine is compact and sturdy, and does its job flawlessly. I wouldn’t have any problems dropping this blower on concrete form 10 feet and proceeding to use it for a full days work.

Closing remarks…

If you own a business or own a large property you’re wasting your time not having this blower. In my case it paid for itself twice after only one day of work. There isn’t any reason to fear the price tag with the performance it guarantees.


I hope this article was helpful to you!