Light BMX bikes are ideal for both racers and street enthusiasts for a variety of reasons. All major companies from DK to Redline, GT, Stolen, Flybikes, Mongoose and Haro have quite a few really light BMX bikes for sale and they proevide a wide range of benefits to the rider regardless of their preferred style. For street riders, they are nice because it makes doing tricks a little bit easier because the frame isn't as heavy or difficult to maneuver and lift. For racers, light BMX bikes allow the rider to go faster and can add to the overall aerodynamics of the cycle itself.

Light BMX Bikes

Cheap Light BMX Bikes for Sale

In this section we will overview a few of the best options for you to consider if you are planning on shopping for these. As mentioned, just about every popular brand has a few super light BMX bikes for cheap to choose from but it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth your money. This list provides some really reputable brands and models that have positive customer reviews and no known complaints, and best of all they tend to be relatively cheap or at the very least, "affordable".

DK Helio 2010

DK is and has been one of the most popular and reputable cycle companies for years, and they have earned their recognition several times over by putting out quality products and amazing models like the classic General Lee. The DK Helios are really light BMX bikes that only weigh about 28 pounds which is very reasonable for the price they are marked at, about $340 for a complete; it's not cheap, but it's definitely reasonable. They come with some very nice features like the DK 25T CNC Alloy sprocket, the 2-piece Chromoly 8-inch handlebars, 3-piece tubular Chromoly crank and 36H Alienation PBR rims with alloy hubs. You can find these light BMX bikes for sale at cheap prices on a number of websites including Amazon and to name a few.

Stolen Wrap 2010

Weighing in at only 24.6 pounds, the Stolen Wrap is by far one of the best light BMX bikes available. You can rest assure that you are getting a quality cycle when you buy a Stolen brand which is why they remain one of the top contenders in this industry. The Stolen Wrap is a really nice model with a 100% Chromoly main frame, a 3-piece MOB OE Chromoly crank with 175mm pinch bolts, a chromoly steerer with micro dropout and a machine Campy headtube. This model is very high selling and for good reason. Many websites have these light BMX bikes for sale such as and and they cost about $300 to $330 in most cases.

Mongoose Angle

With a handcrafted, high-tensile aluminum freestyle frame, the Mongoose Angle are only about 28 pounds in weight and are ideal for the younger generation ages 6 to 12. As one of Mongoose's most popular light BMX bikes for sale, they have a variety of great features like the sure-stopping front and rear caliper brakes, extra wide 2-inch tires, front and rear axle pegs and 2-piece jump bars, 20-inch wheels with 72-spoke alloy rims, a one-piece crank and many more. Usually aluminum frames are not the most durable, but since this particular model is targeted for boys between ages 6 and 12, coupled with the 1-year warranty these light BMX bikes come with, and there's not much to worry about in that department. The Mongoose angle is actually really cheap on Amazon for only about $150 whereas many other websites and stores are selling it for almost $200.

These are just a few of the best and most cheap light BMX bikes out there and trust me, there are many more that may be even better than these. The trick is to shop around and you can find a lot of super light BMX bikes for relatively cheap prices. The ideal weight is anywhere between 23 and 28 pounds. Most of the average cycles can weight as little as 30 pounds to as heavy as 40 pounds or more but then again you can also buy aftermarket parts that can cut down on the weight. It's possible to take a 30 pound cycle and bring it down to about 25 pounds if you really wanted to. It's not always practical, but it's one surefire way to get a hold of some light BMX bikes.

Racers are usually the ones who are going to benefit the most from really light BMX bikes and frames. Street and park enthusiasts can still benefit buy not having to put as much effort into doing certain tricks or gaps, but you really don't need light BMX bikes to excel in this aspect of the sport. In most cases your body and muscles will adapt to the weight of your cycle and if anything, having a heavy frame will only make you stronger. Some people like to use heavy cycles for a long time until they build up a decent amount of strength, then when they switch to a lesser weight it makes them feel like super light BMX bikes.