Lynx outdoor grills are some of the best professional brazier units that money can buy. This outstanding company is only comparable to the likes of other top names such as Fire Magic and DCS, with their massive line-up of high-quality products ranging from refrigerators, stainless steel cabinets, heaters, warming drawers, ventilation, and even ice machines.

You might struggle to find a decent line-up of Lynx outdoor grills if you're shopping in the real world, but the internet actually has plenty of places for you to find them, and for affordable prices even. If you're looking for the best, you need to shop online, and in this article we'll go over the different kinds of Lynx outdoor grills to keep an eye out for, and what features they come with.

Professional Lynx Outdoor Grills

If you really want to add some serious class to your backyard barbecue, then you should definitely consider checking out the professional Lynx outdoor grills. These braziers are made to take your cooking experience up a notch or two. Thanks to their unique and innovative features and options, you will never get bored searing up some juicy cuts of meat for you and your friends and family.

They come with two cast brass burners encased in a tough, resilient outer shell made from high-quality steel and held together using arc-welding for added support, durability, and longevity. You can find these top-quality Lynx outdoor grills in several different styles and sizes, and you can choose between built-in and free-standing models. Check out what kind of choices you have to pick from:

27-inch Professional Lynx Outdoor Grills

  • 685 square-inch cooking surface
  • Built-in
  • Free Standing
  • Free Standing with Rotisserie
  • Built-in with Rotisserie
  • Free Standing with ProSear Burner and Rotisserie
  • Built-in with ProSear Burner and Rotisserie

30-inch, 36-inch, and 42-inch Professional Lynx Outdoor Grills

  • 840, 935, and 1,200 square-inch cooking surface
  • Free Standing with ProSear Burner and Rotisserie
  • Built-in with ProSear Burner and Rotisserie
  • Built-in with Rotisserie

54-inch Professional Lynx Outdoor Grills

  • 1,555 square-inch cooking surface
  • Free Standing with ProSear Burner and Rotisserie
  • Built-in with ProSear Burner and Rotisserie

Special Features of Professional Lynx Outdoor Grills

The innovative options and features that come with each brazier is one big reason why these are considered such top-of-the-line products. The ProSear infrared burner takes your cooking to another level, giving these barbecues a reason to be called "professional". Rather than having to choose between simple high and low levels of heat, you can adjust the burners in multiple ways to sear your food as fast or slow as you see fit.

The Hood Assist Kit is another key element as to why Lynx outdoor grills are so coveted. The heavy-duty 40 pound hood feels as light as a feather thanks to this innovative and original design. They also come with stainless steel cooking grids and a heat stabilizing system that keeps your temperatures consistent and even, which not only protects your cooking surface, but also allows for your food cook more efficiently. Other great features that come with these braziers are a temperature gauge, removable smoker box, ceramic briquettes, dual halogen surface lights, fluid rotation handle, and the control panel lights up with blue LEDs.

Lynx Outdoor Grills Side-Burner Systems

The side-burner systems this company offers are a lot more conventional than the professional style barbecues, though still extremely high-quality and feature many innovative designs and options to make your cooking experience that much more enjoyable and efficient. You can find these Lynx outdoor grills in two different main styles--either cart-mounted or built-in. Here are the models to look for:

  • Cart-Mounted Single and Double Side-Burners
  • Cart-Mounted ProSear Infrared Side Burner
  • Power Burner
  • Built-in Double Side Burners
  • Built-in Double Side Burner with Integral Prep Center
All of these models are just as durable as any of the other braziers this company produces. They come with all of the same features including hot surface ignition systems, heavy-duty arc-welded steel construction, stainless steel cooking grids and grates, cast brass burners, and ProSear burners for select models. These Lynx outdoor grills never fail to deliver whether you're looking for high durability, innovative features, or sheik design.

Where to Buy Lynx Outdoor Grills

As mentioned earlier in this article, it can be pretty difficult find these high-quality braziers out in the real world; and even when you do, you have a limited selection of styles and models, and the prices are often marked up higher than they should be. This is where shopping online becomes a huge advantage. Not only do you have a massive selection to sort through between dozens of stores, but you can also shop and compare with ease and find the absolute best prices on Lynx outdoor grills.

One place you might consider looking is a website called They have a 4.5 star ratings from over 1,200 reviews on Google Products, which indicates that this is a legitimate place to shop. They have free shipping, very competitive prices, and offer a huge selection of not only Lynx outdoor grills, but also refrigerators, patio heaters, warming and utility drawers, and even venthoods. is also a great website to find some nice deals on Lynx outdoor grills on sale. Like USAppliance, they have over 1,200 customer reviews and an impressive 5 star rating. Free shipping is also another common factor in this site that makes it worth giving a look.

My last recommendation is These guys have a killer rating of 4.5 from around 1,100 reviews, and of course free shipping. All three of the aforementioned sites are viable resources for buying these top-quality braziers, but there are literally dozens of other similar websites out there that may have better prices. I listed the best sites in terms of reputation, but not necessarily for lowest prices. Taking a few minutes to shop around online could save you a few hundred dollars considering most Lynx outdoor grills for sale can be as much as several thousand dollars each. Luckily, the convenience of the internet makes the process so much easier, and you don't even have to leave your home to find the best deals!