If you're interested in becoming a makeup artist, knowing where to locate the good resources like the best makeup artist websites is crucial.

Many people often consider going to a makeup artist school, which is always a viable option when wanting to know how to apply beauty products like foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush, bronzer, primer and of course lipstick, but sometimes beauty makeup schools can be cost prohibitive. What if you aren't even sure if beauty school is for you?

What are some other options in becoming a makeup artist? Perhaps without even stepping one foot into beauty school?


 That's right Youtube can be one of the most best makeup artist websites around. Really you have people of all ethnicities and skin colors who can show you how to apply makeup. Let's face it, not all skin is the same. In fact there are makeup applications that work better on Asian skin than say Caucasian skin or African American skin.

And video portals like Youtube can often begin to expose you to not just simple to advanced makeup techniques, but also introduce you to professional makeup artists and other professionals who work for famous makeup lines like Mac, Chanel, Estee Lauder and Yves St. Laurent.

 Becoming a Makeup Artist from Home

 After going on video sites like Youtube and discovering different channels and makeup personalities who peak your interest, contact them via the site and ask them for some tips. Of course not all will respond, but if you've commented on their videos before and have had insightful things to say, you'd be surprised at the helpful responses you'd often get.

It's important to note that many make up artist professionals on these popular video portals do actually work for famous make up lines.

Additionally, you can also get their opinion on the best accredited makeup schools and even some alternatives available to going to a traditional beauty school. You'll find that many makeup artists who work for upscale makeup lines in department stores, got their start learning on the job. Many times the makeup company will send you away for additional training and for free.

 How Much do Makeup Artists Make?

 Well the range can be rather wide. Most makeup artists at the mall or even upscale department stores can be paid anywhere form $11.00 to$25.00 an hour. A salaried makeup artist who has special skills in industries like the stage and film, had an average salary of $94,000 in 2009 according to Payscale.com. It's important to remember that demand could be higher or lower in specialized industries for ethnic skin or even starting your own business to do events like weddings and other parties. Of course, there are famous makeup artists like Sam Fine, who can command hundreds of dollars an hour working for national publications like Essence and Upscale Magazine.

 The Best Accredited Makeup Schools in the World

 Cinema Makeup School – California

Joe Blasco Makeup School – California

Delamar Academy – UK

The Art of Beauty Makeup School – New York

 So there you have it, the best makeup websites are often the ones you'd least expect. Video portals, like Youtube, that showcase talent. From there you can really discover if this business is for you. And then of course, should you want to further your education, heading to one of the best makeup schools in the world is ideal.