About the Best Expensive Champaign Brands in the World

Champagne is the greatest synonym for a minute of festivity in a grandiose and refined way. Not too many people can treasure great Champagne but if you’d like to appreciate Champagne like those few people then continue reading this article. And if you wonder what the greatest Champagne Trademarks in the world are, you’ll wonder no more because we’ve collected information about the best of the best for you right here.

Surely some of the most costly champagnes in the world come from the greatest Brands, but we’re not going to start from there, and we’ll begin from what people value most. If we’d have a popularity contest for Champagne Trademarks, Dom Perignon would be number one without question. There where many myths bordering this rare Champagne, for example many believed that Dom Perignon the Benedictine monk fabricated the famous sparkling Champagne, which is definitely not true, yet he did contribute enormously to the developing of the Champagne as we know it nowadays. Dom Perignon became best-known after the First World War when Moet and Chandon, another big Champagne trademark, introduced Dom Perignon as a fresh vintage Champagne on the market.

Moet and Chandon is considered one of the most pricy Champagne in the world. Moet begun his Champagne business in 1750 supplying drink to the Royal Court and afterwards for Napoleon I. Nowadays the brand has a large piece of the luxury Champagne market and possesses a royal endorsement to provision the majestic wine to Queen Elizabeth II.

Another big Champaign brand is Piper-Heidsieck, some say it’s the most high-priced sparkling wine in the world. Heidsieck was nicknamed the Champagne of Marylin Monroe because of her renowned affirmation : “I woke up every morning with a glass of Piper-Heidsieck”.

Perrier-Jouet is noted for the floral pattern on the bottle. It's being considered the most quality pointed Champaign Manufacturer in the world. It’s a vital to also bring up in this list the famous Louis Roederer which was the regular wine provider to the Imperial Court of Russia in the offset of 20th century and the manufacturer of the luxury Champagne Cristal.

The James Bond Champagne or Bollinger, is a grand Champagne Brand that used the film industry as a commercializing device. From 1973 to 2006 actors such as Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig all acting James Bond ask for a bottle of Bollinger during the action of the film.

Some other special names that should be mentioned are: Taittinger, Freixenet, Veuve-Cliquot, Billecart Salmon, Duval-Leroy.

Champagne is the most royal wine and once you drink a glass of the foremost in the world you can say to yourself you’ve lastly celebrated life. Let’s have a glass of the best Champagne. Cheers!