No matter how healthy looking your teeth may be, any discoloration or stain can be a source of discomfort or self-consciousness. Discolored teeth can be attributed to many causes such as taking medicines or too much consumption of fluoride. However, the major contributor to having stained teeth is the regular intake of coffee, soft drinks, nicotine, alcohol, and standard food. This would result to the cracking and erosion of the surface enamel which causes the discoloration and stain.

The best remedy for removing stains and discoloration in the teeth is the use of teeth whitening gels. Due to the proliferation of several brands of teeth whiteners in the market today, the task of finding the best whitening product that fits your condition and need can become daunting.

Teeth whitening products employ peroxide to clean stained and irregularly colored teeth. The first semi-translucent layer on the surface of the tooth is the enamel. Below it is the dentin. To clean this layer, a solution with peroxide is placed on the enamel. The formula will then clean the dentin leading to whiter teeth. Depending on the level of stain or discoloration in the teeth, bleaching agents clean the teeth four to five shades.

Cosmetic dentists offer a wide array of whitening methods, which could prove costly on your part. For instance, the application of teeth whitener gels is combined with laser treatment to hasten the process of tooth whitening. However, most people prefer the cheaper and most convenient method of using home whitening products.

One of the most widely used teeth whitening products is the bleaching solution in a mouthguard. These products have carbamide peroxides which cleans the enamel. The bleaching product is placed in a mouthguard, which is usually customized by your dentist and is ideal for home use overnight for about one to two weeks.

Another product that is commonly used for bleaching discolored or stained teeth is the whitening paste. These products achieve their goal of removing stains by using abrasives. However, the disadvantage of using these teeth whitener gels is that they do not change the pigmentation of the teeth. Likewise, they have the tendency to wear away the enamel of the tooth.

Other teeth whitening gels involve the use of a plastic strip coated with a bleaching agent placed on the surface of the teeth. It uses an adhesive bleaching agent which permanently holds the strip. Aside from that, there are also whitening gels that are directly painted on the surface of the tooth using a special applicator. You need to make sure that the teeth surface is clean and dry to enhance the adherence of the product to the teeth.

Depending on the level of stain or discoloration, it may require several treatments in order to achieve the desired outcome because the results may vary. In your choice of teeth whitening gels, you should always consider your lifestyle as well as budget. Your choice of product is an entirely personal matter.