This summer, show that you and your children are the biggest Mickey Mouse fans at the beach or your local pool with this selection of the best Mickey Mouse and friends beach towels. With bold colors and beautiful imagery, you will be the envy of other beach patrons and as officially licensed Disney products, you can be assured that these towels will stand up to heavy use for years to come.

Sorcerer Mickey Beach Towel

Sorcerer Mickey Beach Towel

No summer day is complete without a quick swim to take the edge off the heat and humidity and your day at the pool or beach will be even more magical with this Sorcerer Mickey Mouse beach towel. You might not be able to magically make the mops and buckets clean your house but this soft towel features one of Mickey's most popular personas, with Walt Disney World printed throughout. This towel is suitable for both adults and children and is sourced from Disneyworld in Florida, where it has been a constant best seller.

Mickey Summer is Just Fun Beach Towel

Mickey Summer Is Just Fun Beach Towel

There will be no confusion when you exit the water at the beach or pool over which towel is yours with this bright and friendly Mickey Mouse Summer Is Fun beach towel. This high quality towel is 30" by 60", perfect for either adults or children. This towel features a very large and detailed picture of Mickey Mouse covering almost the entirety of the towel, with the words "Summer Is Fun" printed in large writing. This towel is made from 100% cotton, ensuring that it will dry fast and is officially license by Disney.

Retro Mickey Mouse California Beach Towel

Retro mickey mouse california beach towel

This retro style beach towel features the Mickey Mouse in his classic prose, arms in pocket looking all sweet and innocent. This towel comes in a striking red color with California written across the bottom, paying homage to Walt Disney's love affair with the golden state. Officially licensed and made from high quality 100% cotton, this towel is suitable for use by adult or children and would make the perfect gift a long time Mickey Mouse fan.

Disney Mickey Minnie and Friends Beach Towel

Disney Mickey Minnie and Friends Beach towel

This beach towel features many of the most popular Disney characters, including Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy. These characters are displayed in great detail on a background of pastel circles. This towel will dry quickly due to its 100% cotton construction and at 30" x 60", is suitable for use by all Disney fans, no matter their age.

Disney Mickey Mouse Body Pieces Beach Towel

Disney Mickey Mouse Body Pieces Beach Towel

Originally only available in the Florida theme parks, this Mickey Mouse beach towel features Mickey's famous body parts artistically displayed with the words Walt Disney World printed on the bottom. The beautiful towel will stand out on the beach or beside the pool and would make a perfect gift for your families next summer getaway.

Disneyworld Mickey Mouse Sand Castle Beach Towel

Disney Mickey Mouse Sand Castle Beach Towel

With its bright, vibrant colors, you will know exactly where you left your towel on the beach with this Mickey Mouse beach towel. Depicting Mickey Mouse planting the Disnep flag on-top of a freshly built sandcastle in the shape of Cinderella's iconic castle, this is a towel that was originally only available at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Immensely popular in the theme park, this towel is large enough to be used by adults and children and is the perfect accessory for the beach on those hot summer days.

Mickey Mouse Black and Orange Beach Towel

Mickey Mouse Black and Orange Beach Towel

This double sided towel comes in a striking black and orange color configuration, with large images of Mickey Mouse featured on both sides, with smaller pictures depicting Mickey with his best friends in a strip across the bottom. Measuring 29.5" x 50", it is perfect for children or small adults.

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