One of the most important parts of your computer system is the computer case, although sometimes it is overlooked.

The computer case you choose will affect the overall size and expanding options, cooling performance, layout and overall look of your system. Currently there are three sizes, full, mid and mini. They are great because they are not too large or too small and often provide room for future expansion.

Here's the best mid tower cases for under $100 dollars.

Cooler Master HAF 922

Cooler Master HAF 922Credit: Master is known for their cooling performance and this product is no different. in total, this LED lit can fit up to seven cooling fans from top to bottom, along with three smaller fans at minimized noise. It easily accommodates high end components including full length graphics cards.

The built in "tool free" component holders allow for easy installation of most components. the supported motherboard types are ATX and Micro ATX. This also includes rear retaining holes for liquid cooling systems, a front I/O for easy access and USB 3.0 ports.

Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Gaming PC

CM Storm EnforcerCredit: Cooler Master Storm Enforcer is a computer that any gaming enthusiast can appreciate. The front door is completely reinforced to protect your devices while having a front I/O panel with USB 3.0 ports. The front and rear intakes both have built in dust filters, while the pc itself can easily house all your high end components.

This case also has a convenient removable and rotating HDD cage so you can easily install all your storage devices. The front 200mm LED fan really makes the design stand out while keeping it cool.

NZXT Guardian Black Steel

NZXT GuardianCredit: solid steel case from NZXT is designed with cooling and preventing over heating in mind. Three separate temperature monitoring systems provide heat temperatures within the system so the user can monitor and prevent overheating. The NZXT Guardian provides a ton of peripheral inputs including E-SATA, two USB ports, Intel HD Audio and a mic input.

Along with three pre-installed fans, it has a ton of room for all your high end components and comes in a blue or red LED lit case.

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