When it comes to mid tower computer cases, most people actually overlook the importance of selecting a good case that fits your needs both now and in the future. You computer case is like the house of your entire system. You want to select the right case for now and in the future for when you expand or add new components.

Computer cases protect your expensive components, provide room for future expansion and allow your components to properly work together.

Here's the best mid tower computer cases for under $50 dollars.

Cooler Master Elite 430 Mid Tower Computer Case

Cooler Master Elite 430Credit: www.amazon.comThe Elite 430 from Cooler Master is a sleek black case with a large black interior to house all your components. The case features side ventilation holes for better cooling performance and a transparent side window so you can see your system at work. The completely tool free design allows for easy installation of all your components with ease.

The case comes with two pre-installed fans, a rear 80/90/120mm fan and a front 120mm fan with blue lit LED for a really cool look when it's running. The Elite is a great starter case for any computer gamer as it's simple to use and designed extremely well at a great price.

Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Mid Tower Gaming Case

Thermaltake V3Credit: www.amazon.comAnother black case, but this time from Thermaltake is the V3 Black Edition computer case. Both the interior and exterior of this case are completely black. It has a completely mesh front face for maximum airflow and cooling.

This case comes with one pre-installed fan, a 120mm blue LED rear exhaust fan but the case holds up to four fans total. The case is designed for expandibility as it has a ton of interior room and space with ten drive bays. The V3 Black Edition is an awesome case at an awesome price.

Raidmax Typhoon Mid Tower Computer Case

Raidmax TyphoonCredit: www.amazon.comThe Raidmax Typhoon mid tower case is completely tool free and features an all black finish. The stylish see thru window really stands out, especially when lit up and the 120mm blue LED front air intake fan adds to that stylish look.

Along with the front fan this case also comes with a silent 80mm rear exhaust fan and an 80mm side fan for maximum CPU cooling. Overall the case is very spacious providing room for all your large components and offers great cooling for all your components.