Since her introduction to the world in the late 1920’s through to the present, Minnie Mouse has remained one of Walt Disney’s most iconic creations, with legions of fans that stretch around the world. Through the ages Minnie has proved herself a modern, independent woman who has never lost her sense of fun. These qualities are reflected in this collection of officially licensed Disney coffee mugs and cups, with a variety and sizes to suit almost everyone. Add a touch of Disney magic to your day and treat yourself to your morning tea or coffee with this selection of the best of this seasons Minnie Mouse mugs and cups.

Minnie Mouse Mornings Aren't Pretty Coffee Mug

Minnie Mouse Mornings Arent Pretty Coffee Mug

You may wake up looking like the picture of poor Minnie displayed on this cup but you will be firing on all cylinders after drinking a cup of coffee from this Disney "Mornings Aren't Pretty" coffee mug. Manufactured from top quality ceramic, this 8oz mug will stand out in the office kitchen while displaying your affection for one of Walt Disney's most beloved characters.

Disney Minnie Mouse Coffee Mug Box Set

Disney Minnie Mouse Coffee Mug Box SetMinnie Mouse Black Coffee Mug Box Set

Surprise the Minnie Mouse fan in your life with this coffee mug box set. Available in your choice of red or black, the red coffee mug is highly decorated with Minnie's famous polka-dots, with a large picture of Minnie Mouse on one side and the word "Smack" printed on the other. The black set features a striking combination of Minnie's polka-dots and some "Minnie-Ears", with the word Minnie emblazoned on the rear. This coffee mug holds up to 11oz, perfect for the person who needs that little extra morning pick me up.

Minnie Mouse Face Coffee Cup

Minnie Mouse Face Coffee Cup

This officially licensed Disney coffee cup will put a smile on the faces of the people around you as they see you enjoying your morning coffee with this delightful picture of Minnie Mouse beaming for all the world to see. The base purple color perfectly compliments the pink bow in Minnie's hair and has the word "Sweet" printed in large writing on the rear. This cup is made from high quality ceramic so you can be ensured that it has been built to last.

Disney Minnie All About Me Ceramic Travel Mug

Disney Minnie All About Me Ceramic Travel Mug

It will be "all about you" when you are seen in public with this Minnie Mouse ceramic travel mug. The rubber top seals perfectly to ensure there are no spills and the heavy ceramic gives the feel of drinking from a real coffee cup with all of the convenience of a travel mug. This mug is bright red in color and features an extra large image of a beaming Minnie with her trademark red polka-dot bow in her hair.

Minnie Mouse Disney Blend Coffee Mug

Minnie Mouse Disney Blend Coffee Mug

If Mickey and Minnie ever got out of the theme park and movie business and started their very own coffee shop, these are the cups they would use to serve their valued customers. Featuring Minnie bringing out a steaming hot cup of joe to the next customer, these 8oz coffee mugs are also available featuring Mickey, Goofy and Donald and work wonderfully as a set, perfect as a present or even to use in your own kitchen.

Disney Minnie Mouse Sketchbook Mug

Disney Minnie Mouse Sketchbook Mug

The perfect coffee mug for the drawing room, this Disney Minnie Mouse cup features multiple sketches of one of Walt's most famous characters, all created from original sketches by Walt Disney himself. Portrayed in a variety of positions with additional notes indicating which parts of Minnie’s anatomy are to be shown in a variety of poses, this 10oz porcelain cup will make a terrific conversation piece while giving the drinker a fascinating insight into the minds of the Disney cartoon character design process.

Minnie Mouse Large Reg Travel Mug

Minnie Mouse Large Red Travel Mug

Perfect for the car or office, this stainless steel lined Minnie Mouse travel mug will ensure you can take your coffee to go. Its seal proof lid will ensure that there are no spills or burns while keeping your drink piping hot.

Disney Minnie Love Heart Travel Thermos

Disney Minnie Love Heart Travel Thermos

This adorable travel thermos features pink love hearts with Minnie printed in a lovely font. Featuring various images of Minnie Mouse, this thermos incorporates a stainless steel inner, making it dishwasher safe and the rubber lid will stand up to the roughest car trips.

Minnie Mouse Pants Legs Ceramic Mug

Minnie Mouse Pants Legs Coffee Cup

Treat yourself or a loved one with this novelty Minnie Mouse coffee cup, featuring the bottom half of the Walt's iconic female mouse. It may only be able to hold 6 ounces of tea or coffee but its lack of practicality is offset by its unique charm. This officially licensed product will make a fantastic present for any Disney fan.

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