The Best Models Of Injen Air Intakes

There are a great deal of parts that are available for purchase when you make the decision to modify the engine components of your car; however, the difficulty lies within choosing which parts to purchase and install. Injen air intakes play a dominant role in the industry that surrounds car modification; they have acquired this role through many years of offering great parts at great prices. However, it is quite difficult to choose which models to purchase and install, even within the brand itself! They have a great selection of series' and models which make the decision even harder. This article does a great job at listing and describing the most popular models of Injen air intakes, as well as further categorizes them into groups. Use this information effectively, and you will surely make a decision that will leave you with absolute satisfaction for the longest period of time.

Power-Flow Series Of Injen Air Intakes

If you are the owner of a truck or SUV and have even the slightest desire to modify your vehicle to upgrade it's performance, than the models from the Power-Flow series are definitely a great choice for you. The models of Injen air intakes that are featured through this series are tuned to provide the maximum amount of gain for any high-powered engine in a truck or SUV. If you want a loud, aggressive, and high performing sound, then you should definitely choose the vehicle-specific model from this series.

European Series Of Injen Air Intakes

Many people have come to the conclusion that products that are made in Europe are simply great looking; moreover, the brand tried to portray this same idea with the models that are featured in their European series. The models of Injen air intakes that are featured throughout this series would be ideal for you if you have a show car or would simply like your product to look amazing. These models provide a well rounded series of benefits rather than solely being focused on performance or sound.

Race Division Series Of Injen Air Intakes

Everybody that has a substantial amount of knowledge about engine performance will generally understand that colder, and denser air allows for more horsepower. The models of Injen air intakes that are featured in the Race Division series are specifically geared towards providing you with the maximum amount of horsepower within the middle of your revolutions range. These models are ideal for those individuals that would like to unlock their car's maximum potential in regards to horsepower.

Short Ram Series Of Injen Air Intakes

Although colder air may produce slightly more horsepower, the installation of the models from the Short Ram series may be much easier, and may suit the individual for other reasons. These models of Injen air intakes take the place of the factory airbox underneath your car's hood. Some of the benefits may be ease of installation, ability to see the cone, and warranty retention; if any of these benefits suit your desires, then any model within this Short Ram series will definitely serve you well.

SP Series Of Injen Air Intakes

The models within the SP Series will definitely run you up a little bit more money; however, the benefits that you will receive from purchasing and installing any of these Injen air intakes are absolutely amazing! They are the most tuned models within the entire brand, and are offered in both short ram, and cold air models. This broad availability allows them to have models that will suit the wants and needs of absolutely anybody with a desire to modify their engine components.

You may encounter some confusion when you make the decision to purchase one of these modifications for your car; with a selection of series', and models that is so vast it has become quite difficult to make a decision. Although all of the models can be deemed as great, it is the matter of purchasing the model that will leave you with the most satisfaction that poses as being difficult. This article lists and describes the most reputable series' of Injen air intakes, as well as the most popular models within each series. Use this information to your advantage, and you will ultimately be ecstatic with your purchase!