A modular snowmobile helmet is one of the more popular types because of how convenient it is. Unlike the full face style protective headgear, a modular snowmobile helmet allows you to pull up the face mask when you are not riding. This is a lot easier than taking the entire thing off your head every time you want to talk to someone. There is usually a simple button that you press located on the chin section. All you do is press it and lift up to bring it up, and pull it back down until it snaps into place when you're ready to ride. Here we will take a look at a few of the best modular snowmobile helmets for sale based on product reviews, reputation, durability and affordability.

Modular Snowmobile Helmet

Polaris Modular Snowmobile Helmet M4

First up is a very popular model known as the M4. These Polaris modular snowmobile helmets range in price between $150 and $300 depending on where you look but they are worth every penny. They come with an integrated drop-down multi-position sun visor that reduces the glare on bright, sunny days. You can easily open the entire front of the headgear with a simple push of a button located on the "easy-lift" front chin bar. The M4 Polaris modular snowmobile helmet also has the ability to direct moist air out and keep the lens free of fog with a removable, fast-adjust breath deflector--a feature that not many other models can claim--and a direct-air intake mouth vent which circulates clean air to help keep the lens from fogging up.

There's often nothing worse than taking your protective headgear off while you are sweating and the temperature outside is way below freezing. With this Polaris modular snowmobile helmet, you won't ever have to worry about that again. This is because they have a removable cool-max liner system that keeps your head and face dry by basically soaking up the sweat. If you're worried about safety standards, these modular snowmobile helmets are DOT approved and tested and approved against the safety standard.

HJC Modular Snowmobile Helmet CL-MAX

The CL-MAX is a high-selling model and for good reason. It comes in a wide variety of styles and designs like solid colors and "Evolve" themes in silver, black, red, metallic and many more. The reason this HJC modular snowmobile helmet is one of the best is because it is known to be very durable and able to take quite a bit of punishment if needed. This could perhaps be due to their injection-molded thermoplastic construction.

This modular snowmobile helmet comes with a large eye port for increased visibility, a flow-through ventilation and anti-fog shield system, a 3-position adjustable chin-bar vent, and even a removable and washable Nylex interior liner. Surprisingly, these are just a few things that make the CL-MAX one of the best. Let's take a look at some of the other great features you get with the HJC modular snowmobile helmet:

  • Wind tunnel tester aerodynamic shell shape
  • Lightweight, EPS shock absorbing liner
  • Flip-Up chin bar and face shield
  • Single-button release allows chin-bar/face shield to be opened with one hand
  • Flip-up chin bar makes communicating with your headgear on easier, and wearing glasses more comfortable
  • Two adjustable upper forehead intake vents and two venturi exhaust vents
  • Adjustable chin vent directs air upwards across the inside of the shield to prevent fogging
  • Cheek pads and complete liner system are easily removable for cleaning and drying
  • Nylex liner, with mesh trim, channels moisture away from the skin
  • Reduced wind noise due to wrap around neck roll
  • Soft, comfortable, padded chin strap design
  • Cheek pad cavity allows modular snowmobile helmet to adapt to almost any communication system on the market
  • 3rd generation 2-stage shield pivot/compression system ensuring maximum shield seal
  • Quick and simple tool-less shield removal system
  • Aerodynamic flush-mounted fit for reduced turbulence
  • Optically-correct, one piece design
  • 100% protection from harmful UV rays

Seeing all of those awesome features, it's no wonder why the CL-MAX is such a high seller. You probably won't find too many other types of headgear this nice. Best of all, it's not even that expensive. You can buy the HJC modular snowmobile helmet for only about $185 in most cases, and they are sold by dozens of stores and websites.

Ski-Doo Modular Snowmobile Helmet 2 X-Team

This brand has quite a few different models that are all very similar to this one. Each one is a little bit different and are made for various purposes, but they are all durable, effective and comfortable. The Ski-Doo modular snowmobile helmet 2 X-Team has sleek design that anyone can sport made of a durable polycarbonate composite shell coated with scratch-resistant layer to protect the graphics. And of course, it can't be listed as one of the best without a quality ventilation system. In this case, the BREATH EVAC fog-resistant mask system is what allows the Ski-Doo modular snowmobile helmet to control breathing airflow.

One thing that sets this particular modular snowmobile apart from many others is its visor design that is spacious enough for you to wear glasses comfortably even when it's closed. The built-in Clear Vision Technology with optically-correct dual lens visor also helps your eyesight as it increases peripheral vision and even has an adjustable sunshield to block out the glare that raises or lowers with the touch of a button. You can buy the Ski-Doo modular snowmobile helmet 2 X-Team for about $250 to $300 depending one where you shop.

These were just a few reviews of the best modular snowmobile helmet options available. Other brands like Vox and AFX also have some really nice models to choose from. Finding the right one for you is going to be relative to what you prefer and how much money you are willing to spend. It never hurts to spend some time looking of reviews of some of the more popular headgear and shop around a bit. At least you now have a slight head start on getting a durable and worthwhile modular snowmobile helmet.