Looking for the best moisturizer for men? This face moisturizer by Neutrogena is a top contender for that title and it is not nearly as expensive as some moisturizers can get. Face moisturizers in particular can get quite pricey when special anti aging additives are included and others can get quite cheap when the quality of the moisturizer declines.

According to the reviews of the Neutrogena "Age Fighter" Face Moisturizer for Men over on Amazon this product is well respected by actual consumers. As of early 2011 this product alone has garnered a rating of approximately 4.5 stars out of a total of five. Many of the reviews dive into the benefits of this product deeply giving great credence to their respective reviews.

Best Moisturizer For MenFrom a strictly factual basis however this men's moisturizer is indeed an age fighter as it contains some of the commonly known anti aging ingredients however it doesn't go over the top in including the most expensive antiaging ingredients either making this men's face and body lotion more applicable and approachable to the every-day man.

The Neutrogena Age Fighter Men's moisturizer is basically a blend of an ordinary moisturizing lotion or cream which is non-greasy and designed for full day coverage. It contains a respectable level of SPF for daily sun block for the arms and face and also contains the anti aging ingredient retinol, otherwise known as vitamin A.

Additionally men will enjoy this moisturizing cream more than some others because it contains no odors or fragrance; it also contains no oil or alcohol which means that your face will neither look like it has anything on it nor will it smell like anything is there. In the long run however a quality men's facial moisturizer will keep you looking your best even as fine lines and wrinkles would begin appearing on the average man.

It's also good to keep in mind that wearing the best moisturizer for your buck every day is only one leg of a larger skin care regimen. If you want to look your best and truly do whatever you can to slow the eventual signs of aging then you will want to familiarize yourself with all the related men's skin care products such as face wash, body lotion, and other niche specific products.

When in doubt however or when pressed for the single best product, you should invest in the best face moisturizer with SPF that you can afford. After all, your face is constantly bombarded by the sun and it is the single most responsible aspect of your appearance. Keep it looking good and you'll make many great first impressions.