Happy Mother's Day!

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Gifts for a Happy Mother's Day

If you're a mom, take a moment to think about the gifts you've received over the years on Mother's Day. If you are not a mother, think about the gifts you've given to your mom. What stands out? I'm guessing that only the very special and personal items, and/or gestures come to mind immediately.

When you take the time to put a little more effort into a gift, (rather than just putting a gift card into a Mother's Day card) your gift is memorable. While items like candy and flowers are quick and easy they are also easily forgotten.  If you want to give your mom or wife a memorable gift, take a look at the following suggestions.

The Best Mother's Day Gifts

Time, Time, Time

If you don't see your mother often, she would probably appreciate spending some time with you doing something she enjoys. The key is to engage in an activity the SHE likes. If your mom loves dancing, buy her a pair of dancing shoes, and then take your parents out salsa or ballroom dancing (or whatever she prefers). Does your mother love the ocean? Take a scenic drive to the sea and enjoy a nice long lunch or dinner, then give her a gift that ties in her love of the ocean and your day. You could take a family photo and place it in a beach themed frame. You get the idea, spend the entire day or even weekend doing what your mom enjoys the most then give her a gift to remind her of the day.

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Photo Memory Album

Make a photo memory album and put all of your mom's favorite photos in a beautiful photo book. You can also add letters, pomes, or other sentiments in the book.  If you have a large family, get everyone involved by asking them to send their favorite photos for the book. Another easy way to get lots of great, fun family photos is through Facebook, but be sure to ask your family for permission to use their photos before downloading them.

You can make a beautiful professional looking photo book online on several sites, one of my favorites is snapfish.com, a Hewlett Packard owned company. I know several people who've made these books and I recently made one for my mom, she was so touched that she cried. I know that this is a gift she will remember!

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Personalized DVD

Make a personalized DVD filled with photos, home movies, and memories. You can either do this yourself or hire someone to make a DVD for you.  Just choose several photos and videos, put them together on a DVD and it's the perfect personalized gift. You can even make a personalized video using your cell phone then download it on to your computer and put it on a DVD. It is very easy. If you want to make it yourself, you can find lots of information online, just do a search on "how to make a DVD on a PC or a Mac." 

Make It Personal

These are just three ideas but there are many more. The main idea is, whatever you do, put some time and effort into it and try to make it personal. Happy Mother’s Day!

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