One of the things that people adore about their fast, light, and agile two-wheeled vehicles is the phenomenal sound that they make when they have some great motorcycle exhaust pipes installed on them. I bet that you can hear it echoing in your head right now...Vroooommmm! However, with so many brands out there, and literally hundreds of potential models to choose from, it may be quite difficult to know which the best motorcycle exhaust pipes are. Technically, you could install each and every model onto the same test bike, and use your ears to judge the competition; however, this would take Bikers Choice Universal Tapered MufflerCredit: Amazon.comhours on end, and is not very practical. The most effective solution to this problem is to be well aware of the brands and models that dominate the market, and make your decision within those guidelines. This article lists the 5 most reputable brands when it comes to motorcycle exhaust pipes, as well as the most popular models within each brand. Use this information effectively, and you will surely have the best sounding bike in town!

D&D Offers Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

D&D have been around for quite a while, and have built up a substantial reputation in the motorcycle industry in the time that they have been around. They specialize in cruiser motorcycle exhaust pipes, and do an absolutely great job at it! One of the greatest features about the models that are listed below is that they are one of the most visually attractive models that you will ever see on the market; their designs are nothing short of being phenomenal.

2 Into 1 Chrome Fat CatEmgo 12 Inch Universal Motorcycle MufflerCredit:

2:1 Fat Cat Full System

Ceramic Bi Twin Cap

3.5" Straught Cut Slip One

Chrome Back Cut Slip On

Vance and Hines offer great alternatives to D&D exhaust pipes. They sell for about the same price, and sound just as awesome! Be sure to take a look at the Vance and Hines exhaust pipes on Amazon if you are interested!

Cobra Offers Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

The cobra species of snakes make a unique sound that is distinguishable from any other species of snakes; moreover, the Cobra motorcycle exhaust pipes allow a unique sound to be released from the bike that can be distinguished from any other brands. Out of all of the brands and. Models that are featured throughout this article, the models that are listed below definitely produce the most aggressive sound, and make it seem like the bike is growling at you rather than purring at you.


Streeetrod With Slashdowns

Power Pro 2:1


Lo Boy Shotgun

All of these Cobra exhausts are being sold on Amazon for amazing prices. Install them on your bike and hear it RUMBLE!

Rinehart Offers Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

Although Rinehart has not been out for an extremely long period of time, they have done a great job at building up a wide selection of models of motorcycle exhaust pipes in the short time that they have been around. One of the most notable things about this company is that they have a wide range of prices in the selection of models that they offer; this means that there will be a model that will suit your budget whether it is $100 or $100.Rinehart Dual 4 Inch Motorcycle ExhaustCredit:

3.5 " Slip On

True Duals With Oxygen Sensor Port

True Duals Black

3.5" Slip On With Black End Caps

2:1 Single Slip On

Vance & Hines Offers Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

Many people choose to purchase Vance & Hines Motorcycle exhaust pipes because they suit their specific wants and needs in terms of sound, design, and price. The models that are listed below have a sort of smooth sound that is not as deafening as some of the other models that are listed throughout this article. Although the sound that they produce will not be nearly as loud as the others, they will definitely be of a deeper and smoother tone.


Big Shots Staggered

Shortshots Staggered

Big Radius 2-2

Classics II Cruiser Slip Ons

Vance & Hines Straightshots Slip-Ons 16819
Amazon Price: $279.95 $269.95 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 24, 2013)

BUB Offers Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

BUB is known for their sleeper styled systems that they offer. Some of the other brands that are featured in this article look like they produce a deafening sound but simple produce one that is somewhat loud; however; the models of motorcycle exhaust pipes that are made by BUB look quiet but will definitely surprise you when the bike's engine is started. Check out the models that are listed below before any others, as they will provide you with the best bang for your buck ratio.

2 1/4 " Big Willy

Jug Hugger

Sleepers Slip On

4 Into 2 System


It is seemingly quite difficult to figure out which the best motorcycle exhaust pipes are; each bike produces a different sound, and each pipe produces a different tone. However, the most effective solution is to be well aware of the brands and models that dominate the industry that these vehicles reside in. Once you are aware of those, you can either choose one of those models or a different model that possesses the same features. This article lists and describes the most reputable brands in regards to motorcycle exhaust pipes, as well as the most popular models within each brand. Use this information to your advantage, and you will surely be absolutely ecstatic with the sound that your bike is producing.