Let’s be honest, riding a motorcycle is really fun, but a good portion of the reason that people do it is to look cool! With that being said, there is a “best motorcycle helmet” for each type of bike! Realistically, you wouldn’t think that a rider wearing a Harley Davidson half helmet while on a Yamaha R6 sport bike was cool!

You also don’t want to be the person that is wearing a full face dirtbike helmet while riding a Harley!

There is an “ideal” type of helmet that you should be wearing for each type of motorcycle, and this article is geared towards exposing that information. It will also go over what the best motorcycle helmet is within each class! This means that I will be exposing the best full face, modular, half, and dirtbike helmet!

The Ideal Helmets For Each Type Of Motorcycle

You can really choose to wear whatever type of helmet that you would like to while riding a motorcycle...the choice is completely yours. Don’t let me stop you from wearing a full face helmet while riding on a Harley. However, you will have to come to terms with the fact that you will look “weird” to all of the other drivers and riders on the road!

With that being said, these are the best helmets for each type of motorcycle. You will look “cool” regardless of whether you’re riding a cruiser, sportsbike, touring motorcycle, or dirtbike!

Cruisers-  I am not necessarily referring to Harley Davidsons when I speak about cruisers; but rather, I am referring to any motorcycle that has a laid back stance and a loud exhaust system! Society has shifted towards thinking that all individuals that are riding cruiser motorcycles should wear half helmets. These are the motorcycle helmets that only cover the top half of your head!

Sportsbikes- People that ride sports bikes seem to be more aggressive riders than those that ride cruisers or touring motorcycles. With that being said, the full-face models are the best motorcycle helmets for any 600cc or 750cc sports bikes! Put it this way, the chances are that you’ll be revving the bike high and taking turns aggressively if you are on a Yamaha R6 or Suzuki GSX-R 750 so you should be wearing a full-face helmet to protect your skull as much as possible!

Touring Motorcycles- Touring motorcycle seem to fall in between the cruisers and sports bikes, so the type of helmet that these riders usually wear also falls in between half helmets and full-face models. People that ride touring bikes should make every attempt to wear a modular helmet. These motorcycle helmets are full-face by nature, but can also be converted to ¾ helmets while folding up the front!

Dirt bikes- Dirt bikes riders tend to avoid main roads, but there are still quite a few dirt bikes that can be seen cruising the streets of your neighbourhood! With that being said, these riders should really make every attempt to wear a specific dirt bike helmet! These are the full face helmets that have the small visor that extends from the top of the helmet!

SuperSport Riders Should Wear The Arai RX-Q Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to helmets, Arai seems to be the most reputable brand name! Not only do they offer the best motorcycle helmet for super sport bikes, but they also have a wide variety of designs to suit the preference of nearly every rider!

The RX-Q helmet by Arai is the best for riders on sporty motorcycles, but you should definitely check out the complete selection of Arai helmets on Amazon because there will surely be something that suits your needs!

People That Ride Cruiser Motorcycles-Outlaw T-72 Helmet

I have chosen Outlaw’s T-72 to be the best motorcycle helmet for people that ride Harley Davidsons or any other type of cruiser because it offers complete protection while being sold at a budget price!

There are a ton of Harley Davidson branded half helmets that sell for well over $400, but this T-72 retails for less than $50! Talk about a deal!

But don’t take my word for it...check out all of the half helmets on Amazon and compare the T-72 for yourself!

GMax GM54S Helmet For Those That Ride Touring Motorcycles

As I said earlier, touring motorcycle riders should stick to modular helmets! It will provide them with the complete comfort of a  half helmet while providing them with the absolute protection of a full-face helmet! With that being said the GM54S by GMax is definitely the one that you should consider!

Don’t Forget About Dirtbike Riders...They Should Wear The AFX 39DS

Dirt bike helmets are a dime a dozen because they tend to ruin very easily due to the nature of the sport! However, AFX has taken this into consideration with their 39DS and made it ridiculously durable. Everything from the paint to the structure will not get ruined in the event of a fall!

At the end of the day, there are a ton of options when it comes to the motorcycle helmets on the market. I have outlined, what I consider to be, the best motorcycle helmet for each type of bike! Use this information and you will surely get a safe and stylish helmet for your cruiser, sport, touring, or dirt bike!