The Best Motorcycles For Beginners

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In this motorcycle 101 article, I want to talk about some of the best motorcycles for beginners, and why they are ideal for the new rider. I personally learned how to ride on an old, top heavy 80s Yamaha sport bike. It was very difficult! The high center of gravity and jumpy throttle made early rides a very nerve wracking thing, and when it came time to take my street test I nearly flunked! In retrospect, after years of riding, I should have done research into easy motorcycles to ride. I might have saved myself a real headache!

The very first lesson of motorcycle 101 is to buy the right machine to start out. Even if you don't keep it, look into the best motorcycles for beginners and choose a light, smaller displacement bike with a lower center of gravity. Trust me! You can pass your test and get used to riding these machines, and before long you can upgrade to a better bike and sell your learner to someone else who wants to learn!

Motorcycle 101: Easy Motorcycles To Ride

Easy motorcycles to ride should have a few characteristics to look for. First, you want a bike that's upright in position. The best motorcycles for beginners always have a nice upright riding stance, without requiring the rider to lean forward or backward too much. Why? This allows for easy foot placement on the ground when necessary, and gives you great visibility. Sport bikes and cruisers tend to have more extreme riding positions, and they can be trickier to master. 

The best motorcycles for beginners also all have lower seats. You want to be fairly close to the ground to put your feet down if you need them. A high bike like a dirtbike or super motard might be tougher for a beginner. Learning how to ride a motorcycle should be all about the basics; don't worry about more than you have to!

Lastly, easy motorcycles to ride are usually quite light. Heavier bikes are more intimidating to haul around, so a nice light bike is a better choice to start out.

Best Motorcycles for Beginners: Suzuki GZ250

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The Suzuki GZ250 is a great bike! It's one of the best motorcycles for beginners because it has a low displacement engine (250cc). It doesn't weigh too much, and it doesn't have a huge amount of power. That doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but when you learn how to ride a motorcycle, you shouldn't be worried about going really fast! The powerband for this bike is nice and steady, and will prepare you for the around town riding that most motorcycle tests consist of. 

Another reason to consider the Suzuki GZ250 is that it's a low price entry bike! It's price somewhere around $3000, so you can easily afford even a brand new model. 

Best Motorcycles For Beginners: Yamaha TW200

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The Yamaha TW200 is a nice little fat tired enduro styled bike that's perfect for beginners. It's one of the most easy motorcycles to ride because it has a really low weight and a smaller displacement engine. It's also got decent ground clearance and a low seat height. 

The nice thing about these easy to ride motorcycles is that it's an offroad capable bike. You can mix up your riding, and ride in a field or somewhere softer, for easier landings! Also, if you're practicing without a licence, offroad is your only choice. Plus, if you drop your bike, it's an offroad so the scratches will just give you better credibility!

Best Motorcycles For Beginners: Suzuki Boulevard S40

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Next in motorcycle 101 is the Suzuki Boulevard S40.  The S40 is one of the most easy motorcycles to ride. It has a great upright riding position and it's a pretty attractive bike too! It has decent power for it's low weight (under 400 pounds) and enough pep to keep up with almost anything out there. 

The engine on this bike is a little on the larger side compared to the last two bikes, at 652cc, but it's a smooth running engine with a good power band. The engine is air-cooled and the look is very cool and minimalist, and the price is quite reasonable at under $5000. This is one of the best motorcycles for beginners, and I'd recommend checking it out!