Let's Go To The Movies

Going to the movies can sometimes be a disappointment. Many theaters are old and provide nothing but uncomfortable seating and poor quality sound. Even newer theaters equipped with the latest movie and sound system can sometimes lack comfortable accommodations. Seats are crammed together in order to get the maximum number of people. In addition, moviegoers must share arm rests with the person next to them, whether they know them or not. Oh, and least we forget, the dreaded kicking to the back of the chair by a child or some wise-cracking teenager. Then there's the food at movie theaters, yuck! But there's a new theater in town!

The Best Movie Theaters in Southern California

Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas

Cinepolis Luxury Cinema North San Diego
Credit: Introspective Pics/DebW07

Southern California, like many other places, has an abundance of movie theaters and you would think that because it is the home to Hollywood, the movie capital of the world, Southern California would have some of the best theaters. Up until recently, however, Southern California was just like any other place with average, sometimes rundown, and old movie theaters. But one Mexican company is changing the movie theater experience.

On July 22, 2011 a Mexican chain of luxury movie theaters opened its doors in San Diego, California. "Cinépolis," the largest Cineplex movie theater chain in Mexico is now serving the needs of the movie going public in Southern California.

The theater owners claim their extravagant cinema is "a completely revolutionized concept in movie theaters that will enhance customer's movie going experience" and the goal is to "pamper customers in an intimate and comfortable environment."

Comfort and Convenience

There are three ways movie goers can purchase tickets; online, by visiting the exclusive "luxury box office/concierge," or by using the self-service touchscreen in the theater, where they can also watch trailers of movies currently playing. All Seating is reserved and a seating chart is available at the concierge desk or online. Also, don’t be hesitant to take a front row seat because unlike a normal theater, the space between the first row and the screen is about 25 feet. In addition, the seats recline so moviegoers sitting in the front row no longer have to strain their neck to watch the movie.

Once you decide what you want to watch, you then choose and reserve the "perfect" seat in the theater. The average theater capacity houses 60 to 70 fully-reclining leather seats with ample space between each row and the majority of seats are loveseats, however single seating is also available. All auditoriums are ADA accessible and handicap seating is available for guests who have a handicap placard or ID.

Once you’ve purchased your ticket, you are allowed to enter the theater early and relax in a plush leather electric recliner complete with a foot rest. In addition, every seat has its own swivel table and waiter service button, plus an arm rest between every two seats that lifts to create a loveseat. As you sit comfortably and patiently waiting for the movie to begin, you can take advantage of the in-seat restaurant service.

Wait Service

Prior to the movie, in-seat service is offered to clients, and waiters will take and serve all orders. When the movie begins and throughout, customers can order items using a waiting calling button at their seats. One you get to your designated seat, there is no need to get-up again. Well, unless you need to use the restroom, the folks at Cinépolis haven't figured that one out quite yet.

After the movie starts you will feel like you are part of the action with projected state of the art digital sound and projection equipment. Many titles are also offered in 3D for that extra special effect. (*Note, all 3D movies have a $3 dollar surcharge per ticket added to the cost of each ticket.) Also, all tickets are fully refundable up to 30 minutes before the scheduled show time and refunds must be made in person at the theatre concierge/box office.

First time visitors are encouraged to arrive to the theater at least 15 minutes prior to show time to review the menu and place food and beverage orders. The theater also has a search policy that makes purses, backpacks, satchels and bags of any type subject to search.


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Cinepolis Movie Theater Seating

Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas North San Diego
Credit: Introspective Pics./DebW07

Food & Beverages

When you take-in a movie at Cinépolis there is no longer a need to grab a bite to eat before or after the movie. This luxury experience includes some of the best tasting, mouthwatering food you can imagine. All theaters are equipped with a full kitchen & bar and the menu includes movie classics (popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, and more), gourmet finger food dishes (beer battered French fries, tropical shrimp skewers, and other gourmet items), wraps and panninis (turkey, chicken Caesar, the "ultimate" burger, and so much more), Sushi and Seafood (California, spicy lobster, tofu, and others), desserts (chocolate fondue, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, chocolate lava cake, "Rockslide" brownie, "Chocolate Thunder, " ice cream, and, if you can believe it, more!).

The menu also includes coffee shop products, and in the two 21 and over screens, enjoy a bar menu of wines, spirits, and beers.


Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas North San Diego
Credit: Introspective Pics./DebW07
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Now Let’s Go to the Movies . . . Yes!

Going to the movies just got a whole lot better! Imagine a movie experience that is similar to a relaxing day at a spa and enjoying the most delicious food! Cinépolis are the absolute best movie theaters in Southern California!

There are currently five Cinépolis luxury cinemas in Southern California, mostly in the San Diego area; Del Mar (858) 794-4045; La Costa (760) 603-8638; Ocean Ranch (949) 487-1900; Rancho Santa Margarita (949) 835-1888; and in Los Angeles County, Westlake Village (805) 413-8838.

Gift cards are available for purchase at any Cinépolis location.

Cinepolis Cafe

Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas North San Diego
Credit: Introspective Pics./DebW07

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