Mixing music is a lot of fun, whether you do it professionally or just for kicks. Check out these free mobile phone apps that allow you to compose whole tracks, create mash-ups and generally drop fat beats on the go.

Thankfully, there are a number of great free music applications out there that will allow you to stream your favorite songs or genres. These apps vary a good deal in terms of quality and functionality. Some are just simple internet radio apps that will feed you music that you can't control but that's generally within the category you specify.

Still other free song apps for your mobile devices carry quite advanced features like the ability to mash together two songs, scratch digital turntables overtop your favorite tracks, or even compose music video mixes that can be played at events or parties.

DJ Mixer

First up is DJ Mixer, a fun and free app for iPhone and iPad users that allows users to play back any song in their iTunes library and then use the on-screen turntables to "scratch" the songs and add new life to their old favorites.

The number of features included in the free download of DJ Mixer is impressive and puts it high in the running for the best free music app for cell phones. To name a few, DJ Mixer has a built in two-channel mixing capability that allows you to mash your favorite tracks together without needing to purchase expensive professional software or equipment.

There are a number of "comfort features" included in this handy mobile music program as well, such as the option to have the app auto-pull your playlist and "fade" in and out your songs as your current tune approaches the end of its track.

Meanwhile, you can also use this free music app to share your favorite tunes with your friends via music video playlists that you can arrange before plugging your device into a monitor or screen during a party.


Next up is a free streaming app for android phone users. Imeem is similar in concept to Pandora's free internet radio, which will play related songs based around the style of a music you specify.

Imeem will transform your mobile android device into a free radio that will continuously stream music, making it and ideal app for long road trips, commutes to work, work-place music or impromptu party music when you don't have anything else lined up.

You can save your favorite "stations" to the app so you'll be able to play them the next time you use Imeem. Best of all, the program will sometimes allow you to download selected tracks to your android phone's hard drive. Imeem is an excellent music mix program for cell phones and I highly recommend it.

Pandora Internet Radio App

Speaking of Pandora, there's nothing like the original. If you are an iphone user, you have the option of downloading the official Pandora internet radio program so that you can enjoy the best online radio on the go.

Pandora's radio was the first to implement the "music genome project", special technology that accurately groups related and similar music, artists and genres by means of specific aspects like their use of minor chords, overall mood, tempo and lyrical styling.

This all means that you can get Pandora started by telling it as little as one song that you really like, and it will go on all day queing up similar tracks automatically. It's an excellent set-and-forget free music app for your smartphone.

One potential drawback to be aware of - if you're not rocking 3G or 4G, at times you will notice stuttering in light coverage areas of the network as the songs struggle to buffer properly. There's hardly ever interruptions on the faster network channels, however.

In my experience, the number one thing that Pandora's internet radio app for your iphone has going for it is the quality of its music grouping algorithm. If you give the app one or two arists or songs that you like, pretty soon you will have discovered dozens more that you absolutely love.

The technology that determines similar sounding songs and artists is pretty airtight and can always be relied on to find you new tracks and singers that you wouldn't have otherwise stumbled upon but that will nevertheless become your favorites in a short time. Basically, Pandora is the best way to discover music that you'll love.

Mobbler (For Symbian S60 Users)

Here's some free cell phone music program love for users of the slightly less well known Nokia family of phones. If you're using a 5800 or N97 Nokia phone, for example, you'll be able to use Mobbler to stream music based off your personal Last.fm preferences.

You can use Mobbler for free and the music app will also provide you with a little eye candy while you listen in the form of HQ album art and album covers that display during playback.

Mobbler might not give you the same flexibility and power as some of these other free music playback apps for your cell phone, but if you're stuck with an empty phone and you just want to play some tunes, Mobbler might be your best bet. It's more than sufficient for road trips, bus rides or at-work music streaming.

AccuRadio for Web OS Users

For those music lovers running Web OS, which is found on many different versions of the Palm smart phones and mobile PC's, AccuRadio provides you with several different music streaming options in the form of multiple pre-configured internet radio stations.

You can browse through this free cell phone music app by use of its handy and easy to operate GUI which should be familiar if you've ever seen or used early iPhone applications with multiple menus. 

The home screen of AccuRadio displays several different genres. Underneath each genre are links to active radio stations playing music of that category, making it easy to get to the kind of tunes you're in the mood for quickly.

Overall, AccuRadio is an easy to use and reliable option for Palm smartphone users that want ready access to excellent free streaming music.