An N100 respirator is always a hot commodity for all kinds of work, and if you want to find the best brands and models for your job, then you're definitely off to a good start by searching the web. An N100 respirator is 99.7% efficient at filtering out non-oil based air particulates that pass through it. The two main brands worth looking at are 3M and Moldex. You can find these popular and versatile dust masks in dozens of stores online, making shopping and comparing so much faster and enabling you to pinpoint the best N100 respirator for your needs for the lowest prices.

3M 8233 N100 Respirator

3M is world famous and widely recognized as a leader in this industry, consistently making high quality and comfortable products for affordable prices. The 3M 8233 N100 respirator is a great option to look at, as it is considered one of the best dust masks of its kind.

They are priced around $6 to $9 depending on where you look, though if you buy larger quantities you will get a discount and get them for a bit cheaper. These dust masks are one size fits all and come with a durable elastic adjustable strap that gives you a snug and comfortable fit. This NIOSH approved N100 respirator has a Cool Flow valve that allows hot moist air to escape better and keep your lenses from fogging. It also has a comfortable foam seal and an adjustable nose strap that is great at conforming to the contours of your nose and face.

Moldex 2730 N100 Respirator

Moldex is another very trusted and reliable company and they have one of the best N100 respirator masks on the market, call the 2730 Series. These are a very popular choice of NIOSH approved dust masks because of their superb comfort and unique features.

The Moldex 2730 Series comes with the patented Handy-Strap design, which is not only an adjustable elastic head strap, but also features a strap that can buckle together allowing you to let your N100 respirator hang freely around your neck when not in use. It also has a few other patented Moldex features, like the Ventex valve which allows your dust mask to breath easier and prolong the life of it. The Dura-Mesh shell keeps your dust mask from collapsing even in hot or humid conditions, and is also fire resistant. The Moldex 2730 Series will run you about the same price as the 3M model, but as you can see they come with some different unique features.

When to Use an N100 Respirator

The great thing about this class of dust masks and filters is that they can be used in so many different applications and everything that passes through it will be filtered out 99.7%. You can use an N100 respirator for just about any job that has airborne particulates floating about, just so long as they are not oil-based of course.

Fiberglass - If you need to do some work down in the basement or up in the attic or wherever you may need to put in some insulation, you'll be best protected using one of these dust masks over an N95 style. That fiberglass will never get a chance to see your lungs.

Welding - Sometimes if you're a welder you just need a light mask to perform some quick duties as opposing to gearing up in your full face piece or PAPR unit. You might find one of these N100 respirator masks to be quite useful from time to time.

These masks can be used for many other jobs and environments as well, including abatement resulting from things such as arsenic, metal pouring, pharmaceutical manufacturing, agriculture, nuclear power generation, lead, and cadmium.

When Not to Use an N100 Respirator

Since these are not P100 rated dust masks, this means they are not recommended for use when around oil-based particulates. They are still considered by most to be HEPA masks, however. Here are some things you should avoid using an N100 respirator around, and instead find a different type better suited for the job.

Ammonia - If you need to be working around ammonia, I would suggest looking for a P100 dust mask instead.

Asbestos - This deadly toxin is nothing to take chances with, and an N100 respirator is not recommended for use around asbestos. There are several types of asbestos masks that you should look for in order to stay safe.

Formaldehyde - This is another oil-based particulate that these dust masks simply will not protect you from. Try using a P100 instead and your health will thank you.

Chlorine - Another common chemical that many people are forced to work around, chlorine, is also something you should avoid using one of these dust masks for.

Where to Buy an N100 Respirator for Cheap

You can almost always find either the 3M 8233 or the Moldex 2730, or both, in stores around town like Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, and stores similar to these. However, usually the best prices are online. You can find a lot more cheap N100 respirator masks on the web, and you can do it faster and easier. There are literally dozens of stores that have them on sale, and it never takes too long to find them. Some great places to check out are sites like Amazon, eBay,,, and These are just a few of the many stores there are to look at on the web, some of which may have an N100 respirator for even cheaper.

Which N100 Respirator is Best for You?

After seeing two of the most popular kinds of dust masks, and all that they have to offer, which one sounds like it would be best for you or your employees? Even though you may be able to find a cheaper no name brand N100 respirator, you'll be better off sticking with a durable NIOSH approved one like the ones listed in this article. Now that you know where you can buy them, for cheap even, all you have to do is take a few moments to shop around and find the best deals for you, whether you just need 1, or an entire case of N100 respirator masks.