One of the best ways to learn about any subject or to be entertained is by podcasts. They can be listened to on the way to work or while doing anything around the house. If you're away from the computer or don't have time to read about the NFL, one great way to keep up on the league news and learn about football is to listen to podcasts.

Not everything in life is equal, and not all podcasts are equal either. As in life, nearly everything can be grouped into tiers describing their relative worth and values, and these podcasts are no exception. Podcasts of great quality and with great information will be found near the top tiers, while podcasts that have less to do with football, have lower production quality, don't include the same quality of NFL information, or are released less often.

The Cream of the Crop

These podcasts are a unique combination of quality, information, and frequency that any and all American football fans can learn from. Podcast: The Audible - Audible
Cecil Lammey, Sigmund Bloom, and a variety of guests break down weekly NFL action, all of the NFL draft, fantasy football, and anything else relating to the NFL at any point during the year. Thoroughly talking about all teams remaining relatively reasonable and unbiased, the Football Guys release several podcasts a week, some of which are just radio recordings, while others are proper podcasts.

ESPN's B.S. Report with Bill Simmons -
ESPN's Bill Simmons will speak about a variety of topics and the NFL discussion wanes a bit in the offseason, but he will have 1-2 NFL podcasts a week during the season featuring great guests such as Michael Lombardi. He himself is not an NFL expert, but has a very entertaining podcast, asks great questions, and always gets good guests.

Specialty Podcasts

The following podcasts are high quality but have a relatively narrow scope. For parts of the year, they are very relevant and release episodes often, but will have a long hiatus when the content is not relevant.

ESPN's First Draft -
ESPN First DraftFeaturing Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay, this is ESPN's podcast for the months leading up to the NFL draft. With lively discussions, debate, and plenty of opinions, there is much to be learned from this podcast leading up to the draft.

ESPN's Fantasy Focus: Football -
Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz present fun and lively opinions on fantasy football with a daily podcast during the NFL regular season and in the weeks leading up to it.

Hit & Miss

The following podcasts can include great information at times and can be entertaining, but also may only be entertaining to certain subgroups of people because the podcasts may seem mildly annoying or boring to others or could have amateur-ish opinions.

ESPN's Football Today -
A daily podcast during the NFL season and with periodic episodes in the offseason. Hosted by Matt Williamson and featuring other Scouts Inc members as well. The personality of it has been toned down recently, which I feel is a good thing, but you should listen to form your own opinion on the podcast.

National Football Post Podcasts -
This is less of a podcast and more of a variety of recordings featuring members of the fantastic NFL website This could include pre-recorded podcasts or radio appearances may be on an topics from NFL finances to the NFL draft. The audio quality of the podcasts vary, but there are knowledgeable included in every episode.

NFL Rants and RavesNFL Rants and Raves Podcast -
An NFL fan site that markets itself to football fans from around the world, these are two fans from California that are very passionate about NFL football and cover it as best they can. Sometimes their humor and ramblings can get in the way of their opinions, but it may be something you enjoy.

The Fantasy Football Guys Podcast -
Two guys from Philly go very in-depth about fantasy football, providing great ideas and analysis and take their work very seriously. As with NFL Rants and Raves, these guys have a friendship and a specific sense of humor, and aren't professionals but are huge fans of the NFL and fantasy football.

General Sports Podcasts

The following two podcasts are audio versions of ESPN TV shows and are very high quality...but they are general sports podcasts and do not have specific NFL information. However, during the NFL season they are a quick, easy, and somewhat entertaining way to get NFL news and opinions.

ESPN's Pardon the Interruption -
Pardon The InterruptionAs can be seen every weekday afternoon on ESPN, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon engage in funny banter about the day's sports topics. The level of knowledge varies per topic, but the chemistry and relationship between the two hosts is great and always entertaining.

ESPN's Around the Horn -
The other daily banter show found afternoons on ESPN, this show moderated by Tony Reali features four sportswriters from around the United States as they debate the sports news of the day and the journalist with the best arguments gets the most points and wins the day. Positives of Around the Horn include the variety of opinions, but it's also the show's biggest weakness, as there can be some real terrible viewpoints from the columnists.