Acid reflux disease, commonly known as heartburn, is a serious health problem that may lead to the development of other serious diseases once left untreated. For most people experiencing this, heartburn occurrences can be felt in infrequent intervals for mild cases to a couple of times a day for people with severe cases.

One of the said causes of the occurrence of this discomfort is the consumption of the wrong food and beverages of someone. Thus, one recommendation to limit the symptoms and occurrence of heartburn is for people to change their lifestyle patterns and avoid activities like smoking, overeating, and staying in a stress filled environment.

However, following these tips are not sufficient enough to take care of the problem without the proper medications and treatments. For people who don't want to have medical or operational treatments, however, there are some heartburn home cure remedies that they can make use of.

Probably one of the most popular heartburn home cure known is the use of apple cider vinegar as tea that will be consumed throughout the day particularly in the tree main meals.

Chewing a gum can also be a simple home cure because it can give instant relief on the pains of heartburn by neutralizing the acids present on the mouth or throat.

In some other cases, aloe juices with honey are also used in place of gums. If aloe Vera will be used, however, it is important to keep in mind to choose the juice and gels intended for internal use. Drinking one fourth cup of aloe juice twenty minutes before having meals is a good way to pacify the irritated esophagus.

Another home cure is by chewing 6 to 8 blanched almonds every time a heartburn attack is felt. Ginger, apple honey, and papaya can also be consumed because of the enzymes they possess that help neutralize some stomach acids.

Another considered traditional home heartburn cure is cinnamon. Brewing cinnamon tea in one cup of water can also help relieve the acids in the stomach. However, in using the commercial brands of cinnamon, those with combined black tea should be avoided because mixing it with this can be the cause of heartburn instead.

People who choose to use home heartburn remedies should be consistent in taking them and patient in seeing the results because it usually takes a couple of weeks or months before a change can be noticed.