There are several new scratch card sites that have emerged online.  If you are not familiar with online scratch cards, these are the Internet's version of lottery scratchers (those cards you can buy at gas stations, grocery stores, newsstands, etc.).  You'll find them offered at various online casinos and other gambling websites.  


New Scratch Card Sites

All of these new sites offer free scratch cards that can win real money (well, sort of).  See, there is almost always a "catch" when it comes to "free money," such as an initial deposit or a lengthy sign-up process that requires loads of personal information.  In any case, I think these (the sites listed below) are the best new scratch card sites out there. 

Before I share these new scratch card sites, I'd like to issue a few words of caution.  First of all, check your national and local laws before attempting to join any of these websites and play these games, because laws regarding online wagering differ by geography.  Also, exercise caution when doing any sort of wagering because you can lose money.  The games are architectured to take in more money than they give out, of course.  Finally, be sure to research the reputation of any online gambling website you consider, because the Internet can be a dangerous place and fraudulent sites do exist.  With those disclaimers noted, here are the best new scratch card sites:

Top Scratch - Top Scratch is a new kid on the block.  This site is actually owned by iGlobalMedia Entertainem, a company located in Gibraltar, a territory of Great Britain.  The nice thing about this site is that it is completely focused on scratch cards, without the distraction of other casino games.  At the time of this article, Top Scratch was offering 5 British Pounds for new account holders (even without a deposit).  There are a couple of "catches," however.  For one, the site only accepts accounts from those in approved countries (USA is not an approved country).  Secondly, you must fill out quite a bit of personal information, which I am guessing will be sold to advertisers.  

Slots N Games - This is another site operated by a company based in Gibraltar (St Minver Ltd).  Unlike Top Scratch, this one offers a wide variety of casino games, including slots and table games.  Slots N Games will match an initial deposit up to 125 British Pounds, but they do not offer any bonuses for simply setting up an account. 

Titan Casino - This is a mammoth site with tons of traditional casino games, and now they have scratch cards as well.  This web property is actually owned by a company named Imperial E-Club Limited, which is based in Antigua and Barbuda.  The best thing about this company is that they offer a big bonus for new members, but it does require an initial deposit.  

By the way, if you like traditional scratch cards and you enjoy crafts, you can actually make your own scratch cards.  There you have it--my picks of the best new scratch card sites.  Good luck!