Sony manufactures some of the best TVs on the market today. Sony's range of televisions include high-end 3-D TVs, smart TVs, LED backlit TVs and standard HD TVs. In this article we are going to take a look the best new Sony TVs for 2012, from the highest end TV down to the best models for those who are budget conscious.

3-D TVs

Sony offers 3-D TVs from a small as 32 inches all the way up to 55 inches (139 cm). The highest end TVs, such as the KDL-55HX853, feature a specification which includes dynamic edge LED backlighting, built-in Wi-Fi, Sony Internet TV service, and technology called X Reality PRO. X Reality PRO attempts to enhance details in the content that you are watching, e.g. TV, DVD or YouTube, in order to give you a better experience. It does this by adding textures and sharpening the image to make it seem “more real". The design of the TVs is very good, and most of the TVs either ship with, or can be bought in conjunction with, a sound bar which the TV literally slots into. The effect is very impressive and it looks rather like an oversized iPad and is an excellent solution if you're not wall mounting your TV.

Smart TVs

Sony smart TVs include Wi-Fi and software so that you can access applications such as Skype, you Tube, Facebook and Twitter. The smart TV software is included in other TVs (i.e. 3-D and LED backlit), but it's also offered on TV's smallest 22 inches available for a couple of hundred dollars/pounds. Essentially a smart TV is one with smart TV software installed, and Sony’s is one of the best pieces of software available. Obviously inspired by their PS3 software, it's very fast and fluid (disclaimer: I've bought one of these TVs) and far better than software available on comparably priced Samsung models.

LED backlit TVs

LED backlit TVs usually offer the same smart TV and 3-D technology with an LED backlight. The advantages of the LED backlight that it instant on, i.e. no warm-up time, and lower energy consumption. The other benefit of the low energy consumption is less heat which allows the screen to be slightly slimmer making it ideal for wall mounting or for slotting in the dock mentioned above.

Basic HDTV models

The most basic Sony HDTV models won't offer 3-D, Smart TV or even an LED backlight. But what they will offer is good value for money and screens suitable for uses in areas where screen quality is the priority e.g. home gyms. That set the screen quality is excellent and many are simply rebadged versions of last year's high-end model.

Buying HDTV from Sony can be a little confusing, as Sony tries to split its range into these 4 categories. You will probably struggle to find a basic HDTV model as virtually all TVs now feature LED backlights and some sort of smart TV software. You will have to check the specification carefully and the model code, but generally Sony TVs are some of the best on the market–even if they come with a slight price premium.

Have you bought a Sony TV? Did you buy a Sony 3-D TV, an LED backlit or basic HDTV model? Did you buy a TV from Panasonic, LG or Samsung instead? You can help others by leaving a comment below.