A cultural icon for over 30 years, Mario and his friends in the Super Mario Bros universe have entertained gamers from his introduction on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), through to modern day consoles including the Wii and Nintendo DS. Capture the spirit of the 80's with these fun shirts featuring Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach and the power-up mushrooms.

Shirts and T-Shirts Featuring Mario

Mario made in the 80sMario 8 bit Shirt

Mario Living Large Shirt

Nothing says Nintendo like the character that made the original NES a must for every house in the 1980's, Mario. The Italian plumber has gone on to feature in over 200 Nintendo games in the past 25 years from the NES through to the Nintendo DS and Wii. This collection of the best Super Mario shirts is the perfect way to show your respect to the character that bought video games from the arcade to the lounge room. Each Super Mario shirt is officially licensed, is made from 100% cotton and is available in sizes small to xx-large.

  • The Mario Made In The 80's Shirt is the perfect way to say that you are proud to be an 80's child, where Nintendo was king and everyone wanted to be like Fred Savage from The Wizard and own a Nintendo Power Glove.
  • The Mario 8 Bit Retro Shirt is the classic way to pay homage to the 80's. Show off Mario from the original Mario Brothers game in all of his 8 bit glory with this high quality shirt.
  • The Super Mario Bros Living Large Shirt
  • The Nintendo Super Mario Bros Montage Shirt features Mario in glorious color plus Luigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Yoshi,, Koopa Trooper plus many of the famous enemies from the Super Mario Brothers video game world.
  • Show everyone what's on your mind (and Mario's) with this cool Mario Mushroom Thought Bubble t-shirt! Light blue tee with high quality screen printed design featuring Mario and a red mushroom in a thought bubble
  • The Nintendo Super Mario 3 Tanuki Whip It Blue shirt features Mario sneakily securing a precious power up mushroom from a mystery box.
Mario Bros Montage T-ShirtSuper Mario Mushroom Shirt

Nintendo Mario Tanuki Whip It Shirt

Nintendo Super Mario Bros Mushroom Shirts

Mario Bros Red Mushroom Retro

Mario Bros Red Mushroom Shirt

Just like Mario in the Super Mario Bros universe, you can power up your life and show your playful side with this collection of shirts and T-shirts featuring the iconic power-up mushrooms. All these shirts are fully licensed and are made from high quality cotton material. Most shirts are available in sizes ranging from small to xx-large.

  • The Nintendo Grow Up Red Mushroom T-Shirt -> Retro and Normal Styles. Show that you are a fan of the Mario series while telling the world tongue in cheek style what you think of it with this fun Mario Mushroom shirt.
  • The Nintendo Mario Bros 1Up Green Mushroom Shirt will prove a hit amongst your gamer fans and draw curiosity from outsiders, showing off both your fun and playful side and that you are a serious Nintendo fanboi.
  • This iconic red A Mushroom a Day Keeps The Koopas Away is a playful take of the Mario universe.
  • The grey-green ringer T-shirt features a soft and fuzzy black mushroom with black ringer collar and sleeves.
Mario Bros Mushroom A Day Shirt

Mario Grey Mushroom Shirt

Nintendo Yoshi T-Shirt

Nintendo Yoshi Shirt

This Yoshi shirt is the perfect casual shirt to wear with shorts or be dressed up with a good pair of jeans and a jacket. This stylish grey-green shirt prominently displaying Mario's dinosaur friend Yoshi is made rom 100% cotton is available in small, medium and large sizes and would make a great present.

Nintendo Mario Bros Power-Up Shirts

Mario Bros Money Power Woman Shirt

Mario Bros For The Win Shirt

Give your life the power-up it needs with this collection of fun, officially licensed Nintendo shirts.

  • The Mario Money Power Women shirt shows the foolproof way to win the heart of Princess Peach
  • The Nintendo Mario Bros For The Win shirt proudly displays many of the major power-ups from the Mario Bros universe
  • The Mario Bros Mystery Box I'd Hit That shirt portrays the famous mystery box with a modern twist
Mario Bros Id Hit That Shirt

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