The Top 10 Nintendo Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii is one of the best selling home video games consoles of all time, selling close to 100million units worldwide. Its innovative motion controls helped the average consumer to discover or rediscover their love for gaming in a simple to understand format, backed with the Nintendo brand, one trusted to be family friendly. The system did receive some criticism from the more hardcore gaming community however as the number of titles brought out for the serious or mature gamer was limited. There is still plenty to be found though and here we count down the top 10 Nintendo Wii Games

10 - Okami


Okami BoxCredit:

Clover studios and Capcom have developed a fantastic looking Zelda style action adventure, with it’s own unique art style, based on painted brushstrokes. You play as Amaterasu, a god who has taken the body of a wolf, who must protect her village from destruction. With a great story, plenty of side quests and a plethora of puzzles to solve, Okami is a must for any action RPG fan.

Whilst originally appearing on PlayStation 2, the Wii proves a better home for the game as it’s unique paintbrush mechanic suits the Wii remote perfectly.

9 - Super Paper Mario

Super Paper MarioCredit:

Mario RPG’s have been a staple on Nintendo systems since the Nintendo/Square co-production Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super NES. Paper Mario is the mainly console based iterations of the RPG which places the mushroom kingdom on paper cut-outs, which allow for a fantastic game mechanic where the view can be switched from 3d to 2d to make the characters paper thin in order to solve puzzles and to get to new places. Whilst it is not a serious, battle focussed JRPG, it does contain enough of the elements to keep fans happy. Chock full of humour, the pleasure of navigating through the story and interacting with all your favourite Nintendo characters is more than enough to justify the price of admission.

8 - Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade ChroniclesCredit:

Those looking for a more serious JRPG should look here. Developers Monolith Soft, comprising mainly of ex-Squaresoft employees, have crafted a huge science fiction world for you to explore. A non-linear format with over 60 hours of gameplay, Xenoblade is as in-depth as any RPG fan could want. Playing as 18-year-old Shulk, you must save the world in typical RPG fashion. Winning several ‘Game of the Year’ awards, and regularly named the greatest JRPG in recent history, this is a worthy addition to any gamer’s library.

7 - Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Super Smash Brothers BraWlCredit:

One of Nintendo’s most loved franchises, Brawl pits well loved Nintendo favourites against each other in a 4 player fight to the finish. Staying true to the series, damage increases in percentage, making it easier to knock a player off of the screen, and win fights. The single player mode has a lot of content, however is not the main draw here. With 4 player action, either locally or, in a first for the series, online multiplayer. Anyone who can resist a multiplayer battle against players the world over cannot call themselves a true gamer.

6 - Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart WiiCredit:

Another fan favourite, Mario Kart is a complete racer for all. Whilst not being as unforgiving as previous titles in the series (the game tends to put more focus on power ups than racing skill) it is still the ultimate multiplayer racing experience, either with friends or online. Now containing karts, cars and motorbikes, a new strategic element does come into play. A high number of tracks, brand new and classic, along with new power ups means even experienced players will find something new, and the online races mean there is no shortage of new challengers.  Unfortunately for the hardcore, there is a ‘rubber band’ effect with the racers at the back of the group becoming faster and getting more power ups than those at the front. This keeps the races close but reduces the need to be as technically skilled. These problems are small however and do not effect the experience as a whole, especially since most players will be enjoying multiplayer for most of their playtime.

5 - Punch Out!!

Punch OutCredit:

After an almost 15 year absence, Nintendo decided to bring Little Mac out of retirement and put him in the ring once again in Punch Out!!, an arcade style boxing game which relies on cartoon graphics and super moves rather then the realistic brutality of other boxing games. You must fight your way up through the weight divisions to become Heavyweight champion of the world. There are also a series of challenges that will test even the most hardened veteran gamer. Proving incredible fun whilst maintaining a tough challenge, fans of the original NES and Super NES games are in for a treat.  

4 - Metroid Prime Trilogy

Metroid Prime TrilogyCredit:

The first two Metroid prime titles debuted on the Gamecube, and were amongst the most highly rated games of that generation. When Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption was released early into the Wii’s lifecycle, fans were blown away. The Wii control scheme perfectly complemented the fast action gameplay. This got them thinking, how great would it be to play the previous games using the new control scheme. Retro Studios listened and almost two years later the trilogy was released on one disc, updated and with new controls added. Play as Samus Arun, bounty hunter and defeat space pirates to your hearts content. Trilogy had a limited print run and so is now hard to find, but those who love Metroid should see this as an essential.

3 -Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country ReturnsCredit:

When Rare became a wholly owned Microsoft studio in 2002, fans of many of their legendary Nintendo games worried that would mean the end of their beloved franchises. For a few of the properties this was the case, but luckily, Nintendo, who decided Retro studios should be the ones to develop it, retained the rights. This was a perfect decision. Staying true to the original trilogy, this is a clever, challenging 2d platformer, featuring DK and Diddy Kong. The levels are beautifully crafted, with barrels to shoot you around, interactive environments, mine carts, whales to ride and much more. This is a difficult game and not for the faint hearted. Experienced players will struggle to finish this completely, but the challenge is by design, and never due to a broken game. The graphics are gorgeous, with each character having a visual personality of it’s own. A must for nostalgic older gamers, as well as newer gamers looking for an old school challenge.

2 - Zelda Skyward Sword

Zelda SkyWard SWordCredit:

The Zelda series is possibly the most treasured of all Nintendo’s franchises, and one of the most debated. Fans have waited for years to play as Link using full sword control. Using the Wii motion plus peripheral, players can now swing Link’s sword with full 1;1 motion. Containing one of the longest stories in the Zelda canon, having cut scenes that drive the story for the first time is a revelation. There is still no voice acting, but the expression afforded to the NPC’s faces brings a new dimension to the storytelling. With an expansive world to explore, fantastic puzzles, great controls and a level of polish only found in first party Nintendo games, this well deserves its place on the list.

1 - Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2

Super Mario GalaxyCredit:

It is difficult to imagine a Nintendo console without a Mario platformer, and the Wii had 3 great ones – a 2d reboot - New Super Mario Bros Wii, and the fantastic Super Mario Galaxy games. These 3d platformers innovated great new features with its gravity mechanic. Mario has to once again rescue Princess Peach from bowser, but the new gameplay features make this feel like an entirely new experience.

You can now run around stars and planets, changing the gravitational pull to solve puzzles avoid traps and beat enemies. With a smooth difficulty curve culminating in a fierce challenge for the most hardcore, the galaxy games see Mario, Luigi and Yoshi using new abilities and techniques to navigate a whole galaxy of planets, moons and stars surrounding the Mushroom Kingdom. The fantastic level design is perfectly complemented by the physics engine, to make a platforming experience like no other.