Most mothers know that breast is best for your child. While that may be true, it can sometimes be difficult to nurse your little one in public, especially if you're self conscious or modest. I know there are some mothers who feel no shame in baring their breast while feeding their baby, but I'm not one of those moms! Not only do I not want to show my breasts, but I'm also carrying around a few extra pounds from my pregnancy and the last thing I need is for the whole world to see it when I lift my shirt to feed my child. So I decided to get myself a nursing cover and see if that made life any easier for me!

Another thing that nursing covers are great for is if your baby is easily distracted. If every flash of light or person walking by has your baby pulling away and maybe even creating a geyser of milk, then you might want to check into a nursing cover! They create a semi-dark place that your baby can focus on the task at hand without getting too distracted! Nursing covers have come a long way over the years and the latest wave in discreet breastfeeding has ushered in one of the greatest developments yet. All of the following nursing covers are made with 100% cotton, have an adjustable strap, are machine washable and have the amazing and useful rigid neckline that allows you to see what you are doing and to maintain eye contact with your baby which gives them comfort and gives you privacy.

As your baby gets older and more curious, they always want to pull off their cover while eating. If all you're using is a blanket, you might end up giving an impromptu and inappropriate peep show! With all of the following nursing covers, however, they are securely fastened around your neck so that baby can tug all they want and you'll stay covered! So check out the following list of nursing covers that I feel are perfect for any nursing mom's needs!

-Bebe Au Lait $35.00

This is perhaps the most well-known of all the nursing covers and are quite easy to find. These covers have a neat terry cloth panel on the inside corner that is perfect for little clean ups! The dimensions on this cover is 34.5"W x 25"H which is plenty large for any mom.

-Hooter Hiders $35.00

These covers are the EXACT same thing as the Bebe Au Lait covers and are made by the same cover, they are just sold under a different name!

-Peanut Shell Nursing Cover $29.99

This little number comes with a matching burp cloth and features a "quick release" neck strap. In this case, quick release means a button closure, but I think it's just faster to lift the sling over your head like all the others are designed to do! These have a scalloped bottom edge for a little extra "pretty!" The dimensions are 34.5 x 25.

-Balboa Baby $36.00

This cover has a handy inner pocket to keep extra nursing pads or a burp rag in. This nursing cover is by far the largest at 26 x 48!!! That is an awesome length and big enough around to cover everything you need it to!

-Udder Covers $32.00

These nursing covers are great and I have one myself. I've heard them given a bad rap because people think the fabric is cheap. I agree that the fabric is not as soft as a lot of the others, but I used a promo code that I found online and only had to pay the $8.95 shipping, so I thought this cover was perfect! Just do a search for Udder Covers promo codes and you're likely to find one or more and you can use more than one code! The dimensions on this cover are only 22.5 x 33, but it's plenty big enough for me and I would have thought it was bigger than that!

-Cara Mia Baby Organic Cotton Nursing Cover $29.00

If you're the "green" type, then you'll love that this cover is made from 100% certified organic cotton. This cover also comes with a carrying pouch and the strap on this cover is Velcro.

-Trend Lab $19.99

This cover is made from 100% cotton percale and the dimensions are 24 x 34. I couldn't find a whole lot of info on this one because it seems to be a pretty new brand!

-Lait de Taule $39.99

I couldn't locate the dimensions on this cover, or much else about it, but they are cute!

-Divas and Drooligans $36.95

Besides the awesome name, this cover comes with a carrying pouch and has a Velcro strap.

-Itzy Ritzy $39.99

This is the nursing cover that I most want to try!! It has a 100% cotton exterior with a silky bamboo liner. This cover's dimensions are 27 x 37!

-Bumble Covers $34.00

This cover has a good sized pocket on the inside along with a big ole pocket on the outside for things like keys and a cell phone. Another genius feature of this nursing cover is the lightly weighted bottom to ensure it doesn't blow upwards in the wind, and Velcro straps across the back that you can use, if you want to, for extra security. If you want to pony up an additional $10, you can get this in a fully reversible style so it's like having 2 covers in one!

-Baby Blinds $24.95 or Plus size for $29.95

The dimensions on the regular sized cover are 24 x 34 and they come with a matching carrying bag.

I absolutely love my nursing cover and I even had my mom take mine apart and figure out how to make it so that she could make me extras! I was never very good at nursing under a blanket and always found myself playing tug-of-war with my daughter just to keep the blanket on my shoulder. Not only that, but it was always hot and sweaty under there and I hated having to pull the blanket back to check on her because I ran the risk of exposing myself. I think these covers will make a big difference for moms that want to breastfeed but don't feel comfortable in public and they are a truly genius invention. So regardless of which cover you choose, you can breastfeed your baby in public while still maintaining absolute discretion and all of the above cover come in a wide variety of cute prints that are sure to match any style, so pick one up and latch one on!

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