The best of what Colorado Springs offers

Colorado Springs is a fantastic city in Colorado and offers so many places to go and things to do for residents and tourists. This article will point out the best things that Colorado Springs has to offer and will give locations, maps, and descriptions of where to go and experience the best of what this city has to offer. Due to the fact that there are so many topics and places to go, this article will just point out a few things.

The best food

Best Chinese Food: My vote goes to Bamboo Court located off of Centennial Blvd and Garden of the Gods road. If you want excellent Chinese food in a very authentic setting with great service this is the restaurant to go. Their food is delicious and well cooked with generous portions. The servers are all super friendly and really enjoy their job. They are happy to answer any questions and they make you feel right at home. I love the authentic Chinese look of the restaurant with all the lamps and paintings, even the seating is unique which offers privacy and style.

Best Mexican Food: I have tried a number of Mexican restaurants in ColoraFoodCredit: foodgawker.comdo Springs but my favorite by far is On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina located off of Academy Blvd and Briargate Blvd. The food here is classic Mexican food prepared in an extremely decorative way. It's absolutely delicious and each time I go I try something new and I'm never disappointed. The restaurant has a wonderful arrangement of colors and tables and chairs, and it never feels too crowded where you can't move. The staff is very friendly, helpful, and always smiling! Definitely the place to be for quality Mexican Food.

Best Italian Food: By far the best Italian Food I have experienced in Colorado Springs is La Bella Vita located right of the corner of I-25 and Garden of the Gods road on Northpark Dr. The food here is absolutely amazing for not being located in Italy! It is well portioned, very tasty, and is made exactly as you want it. The restaurant is very authentic and attractive and the staff is super friendly and well informed of the menu and surrounding area! I highly recommend trying this place out if you are looking for some good authentic Italian.

The best places to take care of business

Best place to gCar WashCredit: maestragilliam.blogspot.comet a car wash: My vote for the best car wash is Finish Line USA located on the corner of Nevada Ave and Austin Bluffs Pkwy. This car wash is very modern because it never requires you to get out of the car! I loved how it works because you pull up and you insert a credit or debit card and select your wash. Once you are done with your selection you drive up and an employee will guide you into the cash wash and it will move you along. Sitting in your car the whole time and then driving away after is great! I highly recommend this place.

Best place to get your dry cleaning: Out of the options I have experienced I can safely say that Blue Star Cleaners located on North Academy Blvd is the best I've seen. It is run by a very enthusiastic nice couple and they do an excellent job with their work. Quality cleaning and friendly service go a long way and this place strives to achieve both.

Best place to find entertainment

Best place to catch a movie: Everyone loves movies, but which theater is best? My vote goes to Cinemark Carefree Circle Theater located on Powers Blvd. This theater has IMAX, 3D, and regular movies plMovie ReelCredit: jamaljivanjee.comaying all the time so you will always have a wide selection of choices at your disposal. They also have a lot of theaters in the building so there are plenty of showings for new movies that come out. The food is great, but it's typical of most movie theaters. The staff is friendly and helpful, they even helped me when I found someone's flash drive one time to locate that individual! They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. The theaters themselves are wonderful because it's arena style seating and not flat. So if a 7 foot basketball player sits in front of you it's no problem because each row is elevated from the next. The seats are comfortable and even lean back! Overall best movie theater in Colorado Springs

Best place to go on a hike: Hiking is abundant in Colorado and all of the best spots are located outside of the city, but if you are looking for a hike and want to stay in Colorado Springs the best place I've found is called Red Rocks Canyon. Rather than explain where it is here's a map showing it's location.


This is a really nice hike. It's very pretty and not extremely difficult. But it is fun and will offer you a great hike while still staying within the city limits. I highly recommend it and encourage you to give it a shot!

Best place to shop: This one is really easy. While Colorado Springs does have strip malls and two big malls, the best place to shop is actually called Old Colorado City located just off of Cimarron St / US24. This is a quaint area of town and has a lot of shops for viewing pleasure. There are so many things from antique shops and gift shops, to restaurants and hotels to stay at. This is a perfect place to spend a nice spring or summer day and take a stroll through a quaint part of town and enjoy some good food and shopping. I recommend this place to check out first.

Just scratching the surface

Obviously listing everything to do and the best of everything Colorado Springs has to offer is beyond the scope of this article. I touched on a few things that most tourists and residents would find relevant but there are a vast amount of things to do and this is just a small list. If you are a visitor please check out these places I mentioned and enjoy your stay! If you are a resident and have been here a while, what do you think? What other places do you recommend?