Why people love to bike? What a silly question! Biking is FUN! It's the joy of physical exertion. It's the open road ahead of you. It's the wind in your face. It's being connected to nature again. It's the excitement of a road trip. It's sharing an afternoon with your family. It's getting away from television and video games. It's seeing all those little things - even in your own neighborhood - that you never see from a car. It's being a kid again without your mom telling you how far you can go and when you have to be home! 

They say once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget. That's absolutely true - the only thing you've really forgotten is how much fun it was! But enough of the selfish reasons for riding; here are a few things you can tell your friends to impress them with how sensible and civic-minded you are every time you get on your bike: 

"I'm Saving On Gas"
This might be the best reason for everybody to take up biking. While the price of a gallon may flutter downward once in a while, the era of cheap gas is gone forever and the rest of the world already knows it. Biking to get groceries, for family recreation or to get to your job can seriously help your budget. And it's the best way to strike back at the oil industry! 

"I'm Saving the Planet"
Take a look out your car window. What do you see? Lots of other cars. Each engine pushing two tons of steel around to deliver one 150 pound human to one destination. And then back again. This incredible inefficiency is burning energy at an unsustainable rate, and most of the energy we consume is coming from overseas. Not only that, the resulting pollution is driving climate change that could alter our lives dramatically (and not for the better).Every mile you don't drive is a mile closer to achieving energy security for our country, not to mention a cleaner and more stable environment for your children and grandchildren.

"I'm Losing Weight"
Been thinking about taking off a couple of pounds? Or getting back in shape? There's no better way to knock off weight and get fit than biking! It's fun, it doesn't take a lot of intensive work, you can do it on your own schedule and you can combine it with lots of other practical activities. Personally, I lost 12 pounds in three months after I got my new recumbent, and I wasn't even trying. 

If you want to get into active riding, serious recreational riding, utility biking, like commuting or even gocar-free, this will can help. With the mission is to get you spending more time on your bike and less time in your car.

Of particular value are the many on-line bike forums, where you can "lurk" and read the discussions among other bikers on topics of interest to you or sign up (free) and submit questions and participate in discussion threads yourself. Be careful, though - it can be addictive!