No office is complete without a coffee maker. There are hundreds of brands and styles to choose from but not all are necessarily suitable for use in the office. An office coffee maker must be convenient, simple to operate, and above all make enough coffee for the number of employees.

This article discusses four types of the best office coffee makers: commercial, carafe, specialty models, and coffee service. The coffee in commercial coffee makers is measured in gallons instead of cups. This is the type you often see in restaurants and churches or wherever large groups of people gather.

They are made of stainless steel or aluminum , have a glass gauge on the side or front that shows how full they are, and dispense from a nozzle. Plugging directly into an outlet, these appliances usually contain a heater in the bottom that keeps the coffee at a uniform temperature.

Commercial coffee makers can cost hundreds of dollars and also use a large amount of coffee to brew, but are ideal if your office has more than 20 people. The most common office coffee makers are the carafe type. They have at least one glass pot and one warmer.

Many offices use the type that have two pots and warmers so that one can be for regular coffee and one for decaffeinated or one for coffee and one for tea.

The carafes are usually made with safety glass but insulated thermal pots are also available. Features like clocks, programmable timers, and automatic shutoff are available in many office coffee makers but tend to make the price of the coffee maker higher.

You must decide if the convenience is worth the extra money. Specialty or single-serve coffee makers have become more popular as consumers are exposed to more sophisticated coffee blends. Instead of one pot of generic coffee, each person can choose the one that he prefers.

Flavor choices range from hazelnut to French vanilla to exotic blends from around the world. Although each cup tends to be more expensive than coffee brewed by the pot, it is also fresher and doesn't waste coffee like that half full pot at the end of the day.

Some companies lease rather than buy their coffee makers since a coffee service also supplies coffee, creamer, and sweetener, as well as the machine itself. No one has to be aware of needing more coffee supplies because a service person stops by to the office periodically to drop off what's needed.

They will even clean and service the equipment. They can cater to special events like meetings and conventions with specialty products and a variety of drinks. Buying the best office coffee maker is not difficult.

A commercial type is good if you need to supply coffee for a large number of people. The one used most commonly for smaller offices is the carafe type with a single or dual warmers and an optional timer and shut off.

If you're a coffee connoisseur, you will enjoy the single cup makers and the specialty beverages available for them. Lastly, if you don't want the hassles of your own office coffee maker, you can hire a coffee service company.

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