Some of the main perks that characterize any teaching job can be summed up in a couple of words or phrases: two or three months off during summer vacation, two or three weeks off during Christmas and Easter, national holidays and other special days, personal and financial rewards, loose schedules, free weekends, little or no job-related pressure. With national average salaries ranging from $18,121 for a preschool teacher to $59,323 for a special education teacher ( and jobs aligning in front of you every step of the way due to the high demands in certain areas, you should be able to see the bigger picture.

While it is equally true that you probably cannot get rich and raise a grand fortune working as a kindergarten teacher, you can still make a nice living and work to improve your condition at the same time. Getting a master’s degree in early childhood education can prove to be a true God-sent in this day and age. With a couple of years of experience, your future has become brighter already.

If you are not quite sure which college to attend in order to get your graduate degree in ECE, here are some great options that could bring you even closer to becoming a preschool or an elementary school math or science teacher (which are some of the most sought after jobs for the future).

On-Campus Colleges

If you live in Bakersfield, California; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Indianapolis, Indiana; Chattanooga, Tennessee; or 25 other locations throughout the country, you can attend the University of Phoenix and enjoy their special program, Master of Arts in Education/Elementary Teacher Education; this program aids students in getting their teaching license and concentrating on elementary student learning. The University of Hartford through its College of Education and Nursing and Health Professions provides interested students with a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education. All degrees offered by this program are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation.

Online Colleges

Liberty University offers students a wonderful M.Ed program. The Teaching and Learning - Secondary Education program focuses on middle grades education. The price per credit hour goes up to $438 if you consider full-time enrollment.

Mercy College provides students with the Early Childhood Education, Birth - Grade 2 master’s degree program intended for people who want to follow a career in education. This special program is a 39-credit degree program which prepares you to get all of the training and certificates you are going to need in order to land a teaching job in a pre-school or kindergarten-grade 2. You can even become a teacher for children with disabilities; the cost of this online school is around $39 per credit hour but financial aid is being offered. 

Grand Canyon University can provide you with their excellent program, Master of Education in Early Childhood Education which can prove to be exactly what you need if advanced expertise and skills in the field of early childhood educations is something you are hoping to acquire.