What is truly the best online DVD rental service? You've got a few to choose from, and they both have their share of pluses and minuses. Netflix and Blockbuster are probably your two best options, and of the two, I would personally have to go with Netflix. Here is why:

Netflix online DVD rental service and Blockbuster both charge only $8.99 a month for the very basic features, but I think I get more bang for my buck from Netflix. My husband and I love the instant viewing option Netflix offers, and the price is still $8.99 for that no matter how many movies you see in a month. With Blockbuster, as of the date of this article, you will be charged $39.99 once you view over 10 movies instantly, and the charges go up from there.

Blockbuster online DVD rental service also has 5,000 less movies to offer than Netflix, which is not really a big deal. When you're talking about 100,000 movies, 5,000 is a small difference, and there is honestly at least 5,000 movies on Netflix that could stand to just not be there. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that maybe those are the ones Blockbuster doesn't have, but who knows?

Netflix has got genres covered. You can almost always find something that fits the exact criteria of what you want to watch. Their genres include sub-genres, and you can get very technical with your preferences. It also gets smarter about what you like the more movies you watch, and this feature really works well and gets it right most times. Blockbuster online DVD rental service is somewhat lacking in genres. They certainly have enough, but not nearly as many as Netflix.

You can watch movies from Netflix almost anywhere, including streaming to your game consoles, Ipad, Iphones, and Ipods. Blockbuster is more limited where this is concerned. You can watch it on your laptops, computers, and television sets, but it doesn't have any game console streaming capability, nor is it compatible with Apple products. However, the Blockbuster online DVD rental service does offer in-store exchanges, which is something that is impossible to do with Netflix since they don't have a physical store. If you get the wrong DVD in the mail or don't like the one you chose and don't want to finish it, you just have to send it back and wait on another to come in the mail, which could take 2 or 3 days depending on where you live. It's usually the next day, though.

Blockbuster online DVD rental service does have 3,000 video games to choose from. Netflix does not rent video games. That's something to think about if you are interested in getting games as well as movies. Blockbuster also has live chat support, which is the only support option Netflix is without.

Ultimately, I would say Netflix has more pluses. It's cheaper, more accessible, and has more titles and genres to choose from. The shipping is typically very fast. Blockbuster can get expensive, but they do have in-store exchanges as well as the option to rent video games. If you have a Blockbuster in your area and like playing video games, you might want to seriously consider Blockbuster over Netflix. If you don't have a Blockbuster near you and don't care for video games, I would say go with Netflix.