We all need to have things printed professionally from time to time. From business cards for a new company, to large photos or even cake decorations - we can look to the best online printer companies to give us a premium product when we need it. In this article we are going to take a look at the best online printers available today.

Why use an online printer?

The reasons to use an online printer are simple - producing that premium specialist product that we can’t do easily at home. Business cards are a pain to do on your standard inkjet printer from the likes of Canon or HP, plus the quality just isn’t as good as a company can do. As these companies are specialists, like Vistaprint is for business cards, they can do things more cheaply that we can do ourselves.

How to choose your online printer? 

In order to choose the best online printer you need to ensure the company is reputable, reliable and has some sort of "human" checking process. There are many examples of mistakes of business cards - from templates not being removed to the images resizing becoming jagged. Therefore a good and reputable company should manually check the cards for you, offer you a sample before your main order or have some sort of quality control process.

Which are the best online printers today?

Depending on what you want to do with your online printing there are several options in the online printer market today.


Vistaprint is a company available both in the USA and abroad. It advertises with Amazon deliveries and usually has some good offers such as free business cards with you paying just the delivery. The problem with Vistaprint is that the "free" really isn’t free, as it comes with a Vistaprint logo. It doesn’t cost much to have the logo removed but then you may want additional upselling options such as thicker card, glossy card, two sided printing and so on. Vistaprint is a good company and is one of the dominant players in the online printer marketplace. It sells other items apart from business cards including mugs, stationary, and practically any product you can think of that can be branded.


UPrinting is also one of the best online printer companies and offers a wide selection of products from brochures, bookmarks, catalogs, posters and yard signs. It offers a free proof, free sample kits and a design tool. It also promotes its use of vegetable/soy-based inks and its options for 55% recycled paper content. It changes which promotions are available at each time so you should definitely compare this online printer with the others available.


NextDayFlyers is another good online printer company and specializes in flyers. This means they don’t make as wide a range of products but they do offer items like brochure’s and flyers. They use recycled materials and claim a 33-checkpoint inspection process, always useful to catch accidental mistakes on a hundred flyers. The big unique selling point for NextDayFlyers is their printing speed and delivery process, which claims to be able to have your design printed and shipped in two days. They now offer both east and west coast printing which should speed up printing.

Which company is the best online printer?

Deciding which option is the best for online printing can be a challenge due to the huge variety of options. I have outline what I think are three good options above, but there are others available. The best online printer is the one that fits your specification i.e. prints what you need, at the price you want, at the quality you want.

Which is the best online printer in your opinion? Have you ever used Vistaprint, UPrinting or NextDayFlyers? Do you think another company is the best online printer? Feel free to help other by leaving a comment below and if you need to join InfoBarrel you do by using the link at the top of the page.