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Even if you're the most skilled writer, there is always room for improvement. If you're here to write and develop more skills, while making money, here are some writing resources you might not want to pass up. These are sites that may help improve your writing skills which may increase your profit in the long run.

Writer's Digest is a great tool to start with. It has a ton of resources, including articles and archives on improving your writing skills. They also have online writer workshops and contest. If you haven't navigated the site you should check it out. It's a great place to start.

Writing for Dollars is an Ezine newsletter published weekly. There are great tips and articles on the newsletter for improving your writing skills. They also offer a free e-book "83 ways to make money writing". There is also a writing guideline database. There is a wealth of information, articles, and tips. Here is a way to have good information delivered right to your email every week and they are on facebook as well. You will learn a lot of information from this source and you can also possible find new avenues for your writing.This is a great option for finding writing resources.

Writers Resources has featured articles and an archive of articles to help you improve your skills. It has a list of suggested books, e-books and software on their site which is a good way to keep up your skills. There is also a long list of other links to some great resources that they suggest.

Writing.com - If you are interested in internet classes with assignments, you should check out the list of classes. They also provide a web hosting service. Here is a fun place where you can play some games. There are contests you can enter too.

American Society of Journalists & authors -  A membership site which is a voice for nonfiction writers. It is also fully accessible by editors and publishers. There is a lot of good information on copyrighting and rights on this site. Even if you don't choose to join, this is a good resource for information that may be important if you run into copyright trouble. They have a personal mentoring program available for a fee. By becoming a member, you get many things besides the basic membership online. Among these items are discounts on conferences, discounted magazine subscriptions, access to competitive health insurance, and a professional press pass. This is the type of group that you must be accepted in order to join so there is a criterion in order to be accepted. There is also an application fee of $50.00 (non-refundable) and $75.00 if you are accepted. In order to be accepted you will need to submit with your application an article or book (nonfiction) for review.


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