Golf is a sport where you need alot of time and practice to work on all the mechanics that are part of the game of golf. When practicing, especially as a beginner, the costs of going to a driving range every day to practice can easily add up into quite the bill.

Instead of spending all your hard earned cash on time at the driving range, an outdoor golf net is a great, affordable option. Many golf nets can easily be purchased for under $100 dollars and offer many advantages and are a great tool for anyone who is learning or just starting off in the sport of golf.

A golf net allows you to focus on your practice in the comfort of your own home or backyard, can easily be setup and taken down in minutes and works great for fine tuning your swing and contact.

What Should I Look For In A Quality Golf Net?

There is a few important things that you should look for in the search for an affordable and high quality golf net.

Strength Of Netting: The strength of your netting is crucial when selecting your net, it will mean the difference between lasting a few hours or a few years. You'll want a net built with quality netting to avoid tears or holes in your net.

Size: Don't overlook the overall size of the net! Sure you may want a smaller size for storage purposes, but for the most part they will fold down to a very small size. With that in mind, focus on getting a large size net. You dont want a ball sailing through a neighbour's window cause the net was too small to catch the ball.

Ricochet And Feedback: Make sure to choose a net that has loose or somewhat loose netting. If it has tight netting, there is a good chance the ball will come back at you after it hits the net.

Great Outdoor Golf Nets For Under $100 Dollars

Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net

Callaway Tri Ball NetCredit: great setup comes from one of the leaders in golf, Callaway. Available in three sizes, it comes constructed with the strongest netting in golf. It's extremely easy to setup and take down while the unique shape allows you to hit a driver or a wedge.

It's completely freestanding and comes with ground stakes to secure to the ground if needed. Also, it comes with a floating target for practicing consistent shots and a nylon carry bag for easy, safe storage.

Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net (6 X 7-Feet)
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(price as of Jul 12, 2013)

3 In 1 Golf Practice Set

3 Set 1 ComboCredit: your driving, approach shots and chipping with this great combo set. All together it comes with a full size driving net, a driving/chipping mat, a chipping net and a nylon carry bag.

The full setup is completely expandable reaching a total height of seven feet and eleven feet wide. The chipping cage is great for practicing your pitches and chip shots just about anywhere while the driving mat allows you to setup with a flat surface wherever you would like. It's a great price and comes with a few great extra items to help with a variety of mechanics.

Elite Golf Practice Combo

This freestanding combo set from Elite makes a great starter set for anyone. It comes with your standard driving net that assembles in minutes and is constructed with durable long life nylon mes netting.

The wide side wings prevent side slices from disappearing into the distance. The set also includes a quality driving mat and rubber tee's, so you always have the best setups and shots without destroying your lawn.