Pandora charm bracelets are getting more and more popular all over the world. Based in Denmark, Pandora charms are sold in exclusive boutiques all over the world. Pandora's jewelry only come in 14K gold and sterling silver, putting them in the higher end price range among these types of charm bracelets.
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While they have their own line of charms and beads, there are a number of other charms that fit Pandora bracelets. This is good news, as the originals can be quite expensive.

Be careful when choosing Pandora-compatible charms, though: make sure they are of the same quality and standard as the original charms, because cheap copies can bring the look of your Pandora bracelets down.

Here is an overview of some of the nicer Pandora-compatible charms:

Biagi tends toward a more traditional style and design, whereas Pandora beads are more artistic and Biagiabstract. Biagi offers over 700 designs to choose from, including sterling silver, gold and gold plated beads, genuine Murano glass, pearls and cubic zirconium while Pandora has around 300 (and they are continuously retiring select charms and beads, making them collector's items). Biagi's handmade charms are less expensive than Pandora, but they are still good quality and compatible with most of the major European charm bracelet systems, including Trollbeads and Pandora.

Chamilia beads are very similar to Pandora in that they are made of in high quality sterling silver with ChamiliaMurano Glass and Swarovski crystals. Chamilia bracelets and necklaces are available in silver/gold or gold only, and are very attractive with excellent detailing. They too offer a wide selection of charms and beads, with over 500 designs to choose from, and new items are added every three months. They also have a great line of Disney designs which are quite adorable. Their charms are only slightly cheaper than Pandora, and this modest price difference will be less of a factor than personal taste when choosing between Chamilia and Pandora. Chamilia are Pandora compatible charms, and Pandora charms will fit onto Chamilia bracelets as well.

In terms of quality and design, Lovelinks and Pandora are on the same level, but Lovelinks charms give a better value for your money. Lovelinks charms and beads can also be quite heavy due to their silver and glass content, which is perhaps why only five to seven pieces are strung in every bracelet. Lovelinks beads are made wider and fit Pandora chains, but Pandora beads do not fit on Lovelinks chains.

Trollbeads glass beads are truly magnificent and exquisitely designed, and they are less expensive than Pandora. However, while Pandora charms or beads will fit onto a Trollbeads bracelet or necklace, charms from Trollbeads do not fit Pandora bracelets, except for a few of the designs.

A lot of retailers will tell people that charms and beads from other makers will not fit Pandora bracelets because putting on other brands of beads voids Pandora's warranty. So before buying other charms, make sure they are compatible with Pandora bracelets and exercise the utmost care when stringing them.