Exercising to be fit is not easy for most people. This is because not all of them have the time to go to the gym regularly or the stamina to keep up with rigid exercises.

Then again, what these people fail to realize is that the concept of exercising does not have to be limited to riding stationery bikes, aerobics or enrolling in special programs such a taebo or kickboxing.

In fact, exercising can be incorporated in one's daily activities including cleaning, gardening and yes, even walking. Did you know that at a normal pace, an average person can burn roughly 170 calories by walking 5 miles in an hour?

In a week that can be a total of 1526 calories! It does not sound much but coupled with more activities, those calories can help facilitate faster weight loss.

This is perhaps why more and more people are starting to take walking seriously. And to those people who decided to take walking up a notch, joining a pedometer walking program always turn out to be the next step.

A pedometer walking program is made to give additional help and motivation to people who choose to walk to be fit. While joining a pedometer walking program may seem pretty useless for some, a lot of people still join them because they seem to make the boring activity more fun and fulfilling. How exactly?

They do it by promoting walking as a social event. Some programs even go further by encouraging their members to meet up and walk at least once a week together in a park or running track. This way, the members do not only get fit but they also find new friends along the way.

If meet ups are not possible, some programs arrange for means to convert the distances their members have covered to virtual journeys across America or around the globe. For a fact, one specific program online takes their member on a tour from the Atlantic to the Pacific just by walking!

Quite exciting isn't it? But that is not all. Because each program is unique, the choices for fun – filled activities are basically endless. All they have to do is to check on a program, know their activities and enroll.

So if you have not started with any exercise routine yet or if you are getting tired of your current exercise program, maybe it is time to switch to something more simple and sublime – walking. Grab yourself a fitness pedometer or a great step counter and get started.