Pedometers have become a very effective way to track your daily movement. Many people use pedometers to help them monitor and increase their typical walking. Use this simple list to help you find the perfect pedometer gift for the exercise enthusiast that you know.


Omron makes the best and most well-respected pedometers on the market today. There are a number of different models to choose from, all fairly affordable easy to find. Here is a short list of some of the different models Omron manufactures and their respective reviews and features. Omron offers many more models than are featured here; these two models merely represent the most basic and best-selling models.

Omron HJ-112

Average Price: Between $20-$25

Features: The HK-112 measures not only steps but also aerobic steps and minutes, calories burned and distance. Users claim the product has a very easy to use interface as well as controls that are simple to program. The instructions for this model are easy to understand. The HJ-112 is one of the best-selling pedometers on the market and would be a great gift for anyone trying to add steps to their day. One of the main reasons you should give this pedometer as a Christmas gift is that it is easy to use and does not require any technological savvy.

Omron HJ-720ITC

Average Price: Between $30-$35

Features: This pedometer has all the basic features of a step counter and offers the major upgrade of being compatible with Omron Health Management Software. This feature allows the user to upload their walking data into spreadsheets to offer useful visual displays of their progress and daily gains. This model obviously requires a bit more technological acumen than is common. Before buying this pedometer as a Christmas gift for 2011, make sure the recipient has a working knowledge of how to upload and download data to a website.


The Ozeri company offers a variety of technological devices for home and health. Don't overlook their pedometer as a viable Christmas gift option.

Ozeri 4X3motion Digital Pocket Pedometer

Average Price: Between $20-$30

Features: Users appreciate the fact that the pedometer stores a few days' worth of step information, avoiding the hassle of accidentally resetting the device. Users also appreciate that you can wear the unit around your neck and it will still accurately record stepping information. This device does not offer the option of uploading information to the computer or a website, which limits its appeal for some users, but it is a great basic pedometer that is gaining in popularity.


The Accusplit company offers a few different types of pedometers, varying in size and popularity. The main detriment of Accusplit pedometers is their size. By comparison, they are slightly larger than most other step counters, featuring a flip-phone style design.

Accusplit AE 120XL

Average Price: $15-$20

Features: This is a pretty basic pedometer that registers only steps. This model is likely the most simple model of pedometer ever; it only has one button. The reset button is intended to be pressed once in the morning, before you start your day. There is a flip front that covers the reset button so the risk is low that you will, frustratingly and accidentally, hit the reset button. The simplicity of this pedometer makes it a fantastic option for the less technologically savvy individuals on your Christmas list.

Pedometers are a great, affordable exercise gift for Christmas in 2011. Use this basic list of some of the best pedometer models to find the most appropriate model for the exercise enthusiasts you know this Christmas.

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