The best photography websites

Digital cameras have made photography more accessible and digital photography has become increasingly popular. As you’d expect there has been an influx of photography websites, some of which are good and some of which are not so good. With so many different photography websites it can be difficult to find the good ones, so what are best photography websites?

1) Flickr

Flickr is predominantly a photo sharing website that allows you to display your digital photographs to the world at large. With Flickr it is possible for your friends and family to log on and see your recent holiday snaps, photographs you took at your sister’s wedding, photographs of Uncle Jo’s
60th birthday party etc.

 Alternatively you can post your stunning landscape pictures, photographs of insects, architectural photographs or anything else you have snapped. Why have all your images stored on a hard drive never to see the light of day when you can simply put them on Flickr?

Flickr is free to join, although you can only upload a limited number of digital images per month. If you want the option to upload unlimited photographs there is a small subscription fee. With Flickr there is the possibility of selling your images through Getty and earning a little bit of additional cash, although the likelihood of this is pretty slim.

As well as providing an online gallery in which you can display your digital images, Flickr has a very active social network. There are various groups and discussion boards that allow you to make comments, ask questions, discuss techniques, review products, talk about photo editing software and critique each other’s photographs amongst other things. The social side of Flickr is very good and it is possible to spend hours and hours on the site without even realising it. The Flickr discussions can get quite spiteful and nasty, which is a shame. Photographers are emotive people and since everyone has their own opinion what to do and what not to do, it is inevitable the discussion boards will get a bit lively. As long as you don’t take anything personally or retaliate you’ll be fine though.

Flickr is the best of the best photography websites available. It is a photography website for photographers used by photographers.

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2) Strobist

The Strobist website is one of the best photography websites for flash photography on the net, period. The Strobist website focuses on off camera flash techniques and is full of useful tips, advice and information of anything and everything to do with off camera flash photography, adn it goes in
to great detail. The Strobist website is not all about reading though, oh no, and there is a “boot  camp” section whereby you go and produce a photograph or series of photographs using a particular technique and then post it to be critiqued.

Although strobist focuses on off camera flash techniques there is also a lot of help, advice and some great tips on other types of flash photography.

If you are in to flash photography, or want to improve your flash photography skills this is one of the best photography websites and one you should definitely look at.

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3) Luminous Landscape

The Luminous landscape is a photography website dedicated to landscape and nature photography. This website contains lessons, tutorials, workshops, techniques and product review sections amongst much more. From composition to using filters to post processing techniques there is loads of useful and relevant information on this website and it is all available for free. There are also a range of videos that can be downloaded for free.

So, if you want to know anything about landscape and nature photography or are looking at improving your skills in this area the Luminous Landscape is one of the best photography websites currently available and well worth you checking out.

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 4) Mike Atkinson Bird Photography

Mike Atkinson is a UK based photographer that has set up a website dedicated solely to bird photography. This website provides details about Mike Atkinson’s experience and background, as well as the photographic equipment he uses which is always interesting to read. In addition to this there are some excellent tips and advice on all different aspects of bird photography including camera settings, exposure techniques, composition, field techniques, birds and water and birds in flight amongst much more. Whatever you want to know about photographing birds you will find on this excellent website.

This website also includes some galleries of Mike Atkinson’s images showing that he really does know what he is going on about. Mike Atkinson is clearly a talented bird photographer who has managed to take several inspiring photographs of birds.

So, if you are looking to improve your bird photography skills, or are stuck in a rut and looking for some inspiration in this field, Mike Atkinson’s website is one of the best photography websites on the internet.

5) Photography on the Net

Photography on the Net is a website that is dedicated to Canon users. This website is packed full of information on everything to do with Canon cameras, Canon lenses, Canon flashes and all Canon accessories. There are also techniques sections and member galleries that will impress and
offer inspiration.

Photography on the Net is more of a forum website that allows members to ask specific questions and get answers to those questions, spark off discussions and generally chat about anything to do with digital photography and anything to do with Canon digital photography equipment.

So, if you are a Canon user of any kind Photography on the Net is one of the best photography websites. It doesn’t matter whether you use a Canon point and shoot camera, a Canon compact camera or a Canon digital SLR camera, this website is well worth having a look at.

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 6) Food Photography Blog

As its name suggests the Food Photography blog is dedicated to food photography and all related matters. On this website you will find advice and tips on everything from how to prepare the food, how to arrange the food, composition, how to light the food in the most effective way and how to
edit the images in photo editing software amongst many other things. This website is solely dedicated to food photography and nothing else.

So, if food photography is your passion the Food Photography Blog is one of the best photography websites on the internet and one that should definitely be in your favourites file.

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 The final word.........

With so many photography websites it is difficult compiling a top 6 however the websites above are among the best photography websites currently available.