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An Offset Pipe Wrench Can Save The DayCredit: Dreamaker

24" Pipe Wrench ImageCredit: DreamakerThe best pipe wrenches money can buy online are without a doubt manufactured by the Rigid tool company. They have been for a long time. One of the reasons for this is that other companies have refused to try to improve on this simple tool.

Made from the best quality materials, these are the wrenches the pro's use. If you go on any commercial or residential job site in America and find the plumber, he or she will most likely be using one of this companies top of the line Rigid pipe wrenches.

Pipe wrenches vary in size and shape and the right tool for the right job is very important when it comes to pipe wrenches. The wrong size wrench will not grasp the pipe your working with and the tool will spin. Once you've found the proper size wrench, your job will go ahead smoothly.

Ridgid Pipe wrenches also come in different shapes. The photo on top of this article is an example of an offset aluminum Rigid pipe wrench. The purpose of this tool is to allow you to get into places that a normal straight wrench cannot fit. This could be because of another pipe in the way. or some other obstruction.

Without this tool some jobs will be completely impossible to carry out. Rigid has come to the rescue and built this well manufactured, offset aluminum pipe wrench.

Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench By Rigid

Various Sizes Available

An Offset Pipe Wrench Can Save The Day
Credit: Dreamaker
Ridgid 31100 18-Inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench
Amazon Price: $61.55 $54.02 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2013)

Proper Uses For The Best Pipe Wrenches

Know What Your Doing

Pipe wrenches are an age-old tool. They have been used to turn pipes ever since pipes were invented. Some might ask, "which came first? The pie wrench or the pipe?" I think it was the pipe. Anyway Rigid pipe wrenches grasp their subject in only one direction. The teeth within the jaw of pipe wrenches are angled and opposite each other to bite into the smooth surfaces piping is usually made with.

If you need to turn the pipe the other way then you must turn the wrench around. They only work one way. Turning the wrench backwards, your tool will simply slip continuously. Also make sure the teeth on your pipe wrench are clean. If you let them get filled with grease or oil, as they eventually will from normal use, the tool becomes much less effective.

Aluminum pipe wrenches are far better to use then the traditional heavy steel ones. Using a steel pipe wrench for any length of time can do damage to the tendons and nerves in your arms. Rigid manufactures an entire line of aluminum pipe wrenches.

Cost for the lighter wrench is a bit more than the old heavy ones but its well worth it, if you use this type of tool every day.

Use a stiff wire brush to remove sediment and dirt from the teeth often. This will keep your Rigid pipe wrenches in top working condition, ready for any industrial size job. The best pipe wrenches money can buy online are unquestionably Made by Rigid.

Big Pipe WrenchCredit: dreamaker

Straight Aluminum Pipe Wrench By Rigid

Twenty Four Inch

24" Pipe Wrench Image
Credit: Dreamaker
Ridgid 31110 36-Inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench
Amazon Price: $169.05 $137.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2013)