Candle Lantern
When you have friends or family over for a meal and you sit outside chatting, time passes and it gets dark, so rather than break up the mood, add to it with a candle lantern of two. Candle lanterns can be hung all around your entertaining area and add light and color to your evening. There are many different sorts of candle lanterns, but the most common is the lantern style with a door or window to access the candle for lighting. Places you can hang you outdoor candle lantern include the balcony, from the gutters, in trees or from walls. There are even wrought iron candle stands to suspend the candle lantern from.

Hanging Candle Lantern

This is probably the most usual type of candle lantern. It can be made from metal- wrought iron is popular or brass. There is often glass to enclose the candle and provide shelter form the wind. The glass also helps to intensify the light. Traditional Chinese lanterns are made of rice paper, but are not recommended for use with lighted candles (solar candles or flames less candles can be used as an alternative). When hanging a candle lantern the hook attached to the lantern should be securely fastened to the lantern. The hook also need to be safely and securely attached to the gutter or a wall sconce or the porch. If you are hanging a decorative candle lantern in a tree also ensure that the lantern is safely held in a manner that does not damage the tree. If you regularly use candles in your entertaining area then consider installing wall brackets or floor standing candle lanterns so that they are available whenever you need them.

Solar Candle Lantern

A solar candle lantern is a great idea for those places where lighted candle can be a safety issue or where there are children about. The solar candle comes on as darkness descends without interrupting the flow of conversation. One of the other good things about solar candles is that you can choose the color, from one color theme to a range of bright colors. Solar lanterns can be placed all around your garden, anywhere that gets some sun. Solar power is probably the most convenient form of garden candle lantern that you can have.

Outdoor Candle Lantern

The best place to hang a candle lantern is anywhere above ground that provides lighting for your guests to continue their evening uninterrupted. The position can add to the ambiance of the evening, if the lanterns are placed in trees or spread around the garden. I think that hanging lanterns in trees is the most magical place.