The Best Armoire For Your Jewelry

I stood in the room trying to frantically untangle my necklace.  Unfortunately, I was running a little late and I happened to pick an outfit that matched a tangled necklace.  After twenty minutes of trying to untangle the necklace, I ended up selecting a different one. It didn’t look as nice but it was the best that I could do at the moment.

The next day I spent the entire day untangling my jewelry.  I thought that my jewelry was organized when I threw it into my jewelry box.  In my hurry to get ready in the morning I did not think about my jewelry getting tangled.

After spending a ton of time organizing my jewelry, I decided that I needed a better way to get everything organized.  So I decided to do some shopping.

 First, I looked into bigger and better jewelry boxes but those did not seem to work for me.  After all, my jewelry box, although nice, failed to keep my jewelry organized.  After looking for days, I decided that I needed the space offered in a jewelry armoire.  

During the holiday season (especially Christmas and Mother’s Day), lots of jewelry armoires will go on sale.  There are ton of them, but I think one of the easiest armoires to organize is the SEI Wall-Mount Jewelry Mirror.  As you can see, this jewelry armoire has places to hang necklaces so that they will not get tangled up. There are at least three different levels to hang items, it fits necklaces of different lenghts. There is also a place for rings, bracelets, and earrings.   


The best jewelry armoires are built out of sturdy materials. This armoire is definitely sturdy.  It is very heavy and it takes two people to hang it up.  I like this because I know that my jewelry is protected.


The SEI Wall-Mount Jewelry Mirror is extremely spacious.  Both sides of the armoire have places designated for different types of jewelry.  This armoire allows me to see all of my jewelry without dumping it out.  If you have a limited amount of space (like I do), this jewelry armoire will organize your jewelry without taking up all the precious floor space in your room.  It also looks like it belongs in your room (I hate to buy furniture that does not look like it belongs in your room).

Helpful Tip

When ordering an armoire, it is important to make sure that there is popular hardware to hang it. Although hardware is included with the product, I would recommend getting some anchors to hang the armoire.  Trust me, when I went to hang this armoire up, I was glad that I purchased better hardware to support it. 

Bonus Mirror

I think the mirror on the outside of the armoire is a bonus.  It helps me when I am getting dressed.  Plus, it blends in with the decor in my room.

If you need an effective way to organize your jewelry, you should consider getting the SEI Wall-Mount Jewelry Mirror.