Every Apple user will tell you how important it is to buy a cheap iPhone case. There's nothing worse than paying hundreds of dollars for the latest iPhone only for it to slip out of your hand and break. With the recent release of the iPhone 6, it's more important than ever that one head out there and buy a decent iPhone case. But where can one find a smartphone case on the cheap? Furthermore, where can one get a unique design for their case at an affordable price?

The Best Place to Buy a Cheap iPhone Case

Because what you see in this picture is all the money I have.

Cheap iPhone Cases

Apple Store

I guess this one would be kind of an obvious first place to look to buy a cheap iPhone case. An Apple product at the Apple store? You don't say! So it's definitely a great place to find inexpensive cases for your iPhone, right?

The Best Place to Buy a Cheap iPhone Case

Does this look like a place that sells affordable stuff?

Well, believe it or not, not really. It's a great place to find quality iPhone cases, but not necessarily cheap ones. An iPhone 6 case goes for around $45. It looks great, it's made from premium leather, and the inside has a microfiber lining which protects the phone in case you drop it. But you aren't going to get this thing for pennies. Even older phones such as the iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S have cases that go for around $30-40.

So the Apple store may be the place to go for top quality iPhone cases, but not necessarily the best place to buy a cheap iPhone case. If you are looking for something inexpensive, you may want to go third party. But where can you find a wide variety of third party iPhone cases?


I think it goes without saying nowadays that Amazon is one of the best places to go for literally just about anything. The possibilities are simply endless; I even bought my mom obscure 1980's exercise videos from there a few months back (Amazon is only now ceasing to recommend me more exercise videos). So, how does it hold up for the person looking to buy a cheap iPhone case?

Depends on your definition of “cheap”. Cases for the iPhone 6 are going for anywhere from $7.99 to a whopping $49.95. The #1 Amazon Best Seller goes for just over ten bucks at the time of this writing. Not unreasonable considering that it protects a smartphone worth hundreds of dollars.

That specific product is actually developed by Spigen Inc. It uses Air Cushion Technology on its corners to protect the phone in case it is dropped, and the screen is protected from scratches. I rather like the minimalist design; the sleek look of the iPhone and other Apple products always appealed to me, and gaudy giant rubber iPhone cases just ruin the future aesthetic of an Apple smartphone.

For those of you living in the Dark Ages with your iPhone 5s and down, you can purchase a cheap case for your phone for $3.99 on Amazon. The iPhone 5 case that sells for this price protects against unwanted bumps, accidental drops, scratches, bruises or stains, and it comes in a pretty wide variety of colors.

As always, anything and everything can be found on Amazon. The giant online retailer serves as a great place to get your hands on an iPhone case without shelling too much cash, though the price of these cases definitely goes up as you move towards the more recent models.

But what about those who aren't looking for a generic, ready-made product? Some of us creative types might prefer an iPhone case that expresses who we really are. So where does one go for a custom iPhone case?

Custom iPhone Cases

Back to Amazon..................

So there is simply no way to get a custom iPhone case off of Amazon, right? That just doesn't exist. Amazon is simply for ordering existing items, not for custom trinkets.

Actually, Amazon's got you covered there too.

IZERCASE is a company that offers an iPhone case customization service, and all through Amazon too! You simply send a message to iZERCASE detailing the product you want. Include what model iPhone you have, the picture that you would like to use, etc., and they will create a custom iPhone case just for you. It's no decal or sticker either; the design you choose is actually printed directly onto the case.

People who have bought customized iPhone cases with iZERCASE have had nothing but overwhelmingly positive reviews for it. It's relatively cheap considering what they do, and the case is not only sturdy enough to protect the phone in case you drop it, but it also allows you to access all the buttons and camera as any decent iPhone case should.

A customized iPhone case from iZERPHONE can make a great gift for Mom or Dad, or your unusually tech-savvy grandma. Or release your inner hipster and customize your iPhone case with your favorite local indie band that no one's ever heard of.


I must give credit where credit is due here, so thanks to Classicalgeek for cluing me in to Zazzle. Zazzle is the perfect place for you to buy a custom iPhone case that reflects your unique personality.

What is Zazzle? Only an online retailer that allows you to shop for artistic products you can't buy anywhere else, create your own custom designs for purchase, or open up an online store and sell your own creations. From T-shirts to business cards to iPhone cases, Zazzle really seems to have something for everybody. Think of them as an artistic version of Amazon with a little bit more personality.

Right here is a store on Zazzle called Zazzle Templates. You can order custom designed versions of pretty much anything you want. Not only iPhone 6 cases and T-shirts, but keychains, coffee mugs, and even guitar picks can be custom made with the image that you send. Prices fluctuate depending on the product, with the iPhone cases being a bit more expensive than the address labels and bumper stickers. Zazzle Templates is perfect not just for sticking a custom image on your smartphone, but actually surrounding yourself with household items that reflect your unique personality.


It can be hard to find a place to buy a cheap iPhone case, and even harder if you want a custom case that reflects your personality rather than Apple's. But there are places that will cater to your needs. It turns out that you don't have to shell out tons of money for a basic iPhone case. So don't leave your new iPhone 6 unprotected; go out and get an iPhone case that's inexpensive, protects your phone from damage, and reflects your unique personality.