Some of the best places to buy diamonds in the world are also among the most romantic destinations around the globe. The traveller who wants to combine a sightseeing trip to one or more of the world's most vibrant and fascinating cities and countries with a buying trip to purchase diamonds is in luck because there are at least a dozen locations in America and abroad that enables the traveller to do both. Diamonds that are purchased from a special destination during a trip that has special meaning for the travellers will become keepsakes holding very special memories that are handed down from one generation to the next.

Two Gemstone Districts in One Great City

New York City ranks among the best places to buy diamonds in the United States. The Big Apple offers the traveller not just one but actually two Districts that specialize in the buying and selling of this most precious gemstone, one around 47th Street and the other on Canal Street, one of the cheapest places to buy diamonds in America. New York City is also home to some of most recognized names worldwide when a consumer is in the market to buy gold or buy jewelry. These include Tiffany's, celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2012 and the backdrop for one of Audrey Hepburn's most famous and beloved films.

Diamonds and the Eiffel Tower

The famed "City of Lights', Paris, is another great option for combining a romantic getaway with a search for the best in diamonds. The sparkle you see here in a woman's eyes may just come from these gorgeous stones rather than from the city's famed lights. Fred Paris has been a respected name in the jewelry business since 1936 . If a gentleman who has met the right life partner is wondering where is the best place to buy an engagement ring, Paris provides a seductive backdrop for popping the question after selecting from among the brightest, biggest and best pear shape engagement rings.

Old World Charm in Belgium

Antwerp has been recognized as a leader in the quality gemstone industry as far back as the 15th century. Today, this historic city's Jewelry District offers numerous opportunities to get the best deals on diamonds whether the buyer is searching for an antique pair of diamond earrings or in search of one of the best places to get engagement rings.

Top World Producer

Arranging a tour through South Africa allows the traveller to not only see some of the most beautiful landscapes and natural wonders anywhere in the globe but also to see one of the top gem producing countries in the world. This country is home to the Kimberley Mines and the world-famous De Beers mines. These mines produce most of the precious gems that make their way into the European markets. Johannesburg is one of the favorite destinations for tourists in search of licensed gemstone dealers who can offer the best deals on engagement rings. Botswana is another country on the African continent where it is well worth the traveller's time to go on a jewelry safari.

The Land Down Under

Australia has become a top producer of pink diamonds. Sydney is home to many reputable wholesalers who can help lower a customer's engagement ring cost by providing loose GIA certified stones in addition to offering top rated engagement rings for those who prefer the more unique pink and yellow diamonds produced here. These colored diamonds are often placed in settings to offset traditional blue-white gemstones.

Lowest Cost

Thailand has been growing in popularity as a tourist destination for travellers interested in the most economical price for diamonds and other fine jewelry because the cost of operating the country's numerous jewelry factories is kept very low. Economical prices are therefore able to be passed along to the buyer. Thailand is also a country known for its inexpensive food and accommodations, making this destination among the best for those on a budget both for travel as well as for their gemstone purchases.

The Undiscovered Country

One of the most romantic destinations for travel that is just becoming discovered as one of the best places to order diamonds is India. Haggling here for the best price is perfect permissible. One of the fastest growing districts to purchase this precious stone in a variety of unique ethnic settings is around Jaipur. The country that is home to the Taj Mahal is gradually being discovered by tourists searching for a great deal on diamonds.

Canadian Bargains

Canada is rated as one of the top countries for travel for the purchase of obtaining some good values on diamonds. And unlike some other nations such as South Africa, the merchandise available for purchase in Canada is considered conflict-free.

Online vs. Retail

Most reputable gemstone dealers who have a retail store in major metropolitan areas around the world also offer an internet website where customers can browse through the merchandise offered before actually seeing the real thing in the store. Spending time on jewelry websites featuring quality diamonds in a variety of styles and settings can provide a wonderful education for the traveller so that once he is actually making a purchase decision at the retail store level, he will know what to look for and what sort of questions to ask the gemstone merchant. If an online merchant seems to be offering prices on diamonds that are too good to be true, do some investigation to ensure that you are not being conned into purchasing merchandise which has some flaw or defect not pictured on the website. It is always a good idea, whether purchasing diamonds online or in person to deal with licensed merchants who can provided references upon request.

Planning a Buying Trip

Check out travel websites that offer good deals on travel to any of the above locations. Map out the merchants you plan on visiting ahead of time so that you don't waste time visiting jewelers that don't offer the style or quality of diamonds you are most interested in. No matter where you travel in search of precious gemstones, take your time in making a purchase. If a merchant makes you feel pressured to make a quick purchase, rather walk away than buy the wrong item in haste. Make arrangements to have your valuable purchases securely stored once you are back in your hotel room. Make plans in advance to have your jewelry purchases insured at the point of purchase and don't draw attention to yourself by letting strangers or travelling companions not in your party know that you are carrying precious gemstones. Be sure to declare any jewelry purchases at customs when arriving back at your home country to avoid getting into any legal trouble or incurring hefty fines that will wipe out the savings you originally sought. For a trip that is both memorable and romantic, it is hard to beat travelling to all of the best places to buy diamonds in the world.