Tips on Finding the Best Places to Meet Women

Depending on where you live and what you do for a living, it may seem difficult to meet women. Most people assume you have to go out to a bar or a restaurant and confidently approach women. This article does not intend to say that meeting women this way is a bad idea. There are, however, a number of other possibilities for meeting women that you may find easier and more convenient. 

Take a Class

Depending on where you live, you can take classes at art studios, community colleges, and gyms (these are just a few examples). A class is a great place to meet women, because it indicates you have a shared interest. Most classes also provide social settings where you can interact with the people around you. Get to know your classmates, talk to them, and if anyone seems interesting to you, ask them if they would like to get a coffee or a bite to eat. An added bonus with taking a class is that you will also be learning a new skill. 

Join a Dating Site 

Some people might shy away from dating sites because they are nervous about meeting someone on the computer. I felt the same way until many of my friends started meeting people online, ending up in meaningful relationships. One reason for this is that you can search for people based on the interests you have, increasing the chances that you will find someone that is compatible with you. Sites like Okcupid and allow you to interact with people before meeting them in real life, so you can get a sense of whether you would enjoy their company or not. 

Join a Club 

Is there something you are passionate about? There is probably a club for it. If there's not, you can start one! A friend of mine recently joined a club for people who love to travel. He found the club through the website Now he goes to weekly happy hours with people who have the same interests and he has started to date a woman from the group. If you are starting your own club, you can post something on craigslist,, or you could put fliers up around town. 


Besides being a great way to help out individuals and communities, volunteering presents a great oppurtunity to meet women. Generally, women volunteer more frequently than men, and once again you will be meeting in a setting that is meaningful to both you and the women you would potentially be meeting. Of course, don't volunteer just for the sake of meeting women! Such a strategy may severely backfire. Make sure, the volunteer work is something you are interested and genuinely want to do. 

Meet Women Through the Workplace

It is for a good reason that many people say to keep work and play separate. Relationships with coworkers can be tricky, depending on the nature of the workplace. But you don't necessarily need to become involved with women in the workplace itself. Be social with your coworkers and try to hang out with them outside of work. You can then meet friends of your coworkers and expand your social circle. The larger your social circle, the more opportunities there are to meet a woman that you can connect with. 


Travel takes you out of your element and will cause you to be more confident and spontaneous. Especially if you are traveling independently, there is a good chance you will meet other travelers and locals. Sometimes we need a change of pace and a change of scene. If you are struggling to meet women, it might be best to take a vacation. If you think you can't afford it, look into programs to volunteer or work abroad. Travel has so many benefits besides just meeting women!

I hope this list has broadened your horizons in terms of where and how to meet women. You can always of course go to your local bar or hangout and try to meet women that way, but understand that there are a lot of possibilities!