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A visit to Europe wouldn’t be complete without a tour to the best places to visit in Berlin. Who wouldn’t want to go to a city that is rich in culture, dramatic in history, innovative in infrastructure and swiftly progressing? Yes, folks, that is the grand, historical, royal and rich capital of Germany which is Berlin. Berlin, since the end of the war, has developed into an extraordinary metropolitan.

The city offers vibrant destinations, lots of entertainment and cultural delights. It also flaunts exquisite cuisine and stomping night life.  Aside from the aforementioned, Berlin should be enjoyed differently during day and night as the city can be seen in a different light throughout the night. When one wants to visit Berlin, not much is needed for one can avail of cheap internet offers, vouchers and packages. These packages offer hotel accommodation, transportation and planned tours for the whole family. As there are a lot of tourist destinations in the city, here are some of the best places to visit in Berlin:

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  1. The Brandenburg Gate, situated at Am Pariser Platz, was one of the German capital’s 14 original city gates and was erected in 1791. The Acropolis in Athens inspired the design of the Brandenburger Tor . On top of the gate, is Victoria, the goddess of triumph riding atop a four-horsed chariot.King Friedrich II of Prussia Monument - The Best Places to Visit in BerlinCredit:
  2. King Friedrich II of Prussia Monument, located at Unter der Linden, Mitte is the monument of King Friedrich II of Prussia (1712-86) and  stands at the end of Forum Fridericianum, marking the beginning of the boulevard of Unter den Linden. The monument forms part of what is known as Via Triumphalis, extending from the victory arch of Brandenburg Gate to the Berlin Castle.The Holocaust Memorial - The Best Places to See in BerlinCredit:
  3. The Holocaust Memorial, situated at Cora-Berliner-Strasse, is the monument to the Jewish victims of the Third Reich and was unveiled in the city 60 years after the tragic event of the World War II. It took nearly 15 years from the conceptualization until the completion. It has become an internationally recognized symbol of the victims of the Holocaust.The Tiergarten - The Best Places to See in BerlinCredit:
  4. The Tiergarten, running from the Brandenburg Gate to the Zoo station was originally a hunting ground. The 630-acre urban park was damaged by the war and was restored during the 1950s. Various attractions can be found in the location such as the Berlin Zoo and the House of World Cultures that exhibit glocal cultures and non-European avant-garde art.Nikolaikirche - The Best Places to See in BerlinCredit:
  5. Nikolaikirche, situated in the heart of Berlin, exactly where the city was founded, is the oldest standing church in Berlin and it is dedicated to Saint Nicholas. The church which lies in the eastern part of central Berlin is surrounded by historical streets which contain many restored Medieval houses.Deutsche Oper Berlin - The Best Places to Explore in BerlinCredit:
  6. Deutsche Oper Berlin, situated in Richard-Wagner-Strasse 10, is a monumental structure that occupies a central spot at Bismarckstrasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Active since 1961, the building oversees its surroundings, thus providing for one of the principal Berlin landmarks. The interiors of the Oper are spacious and vast. The building having simple architecture and edgy

With cheap internet offers and vouchers that are easy to find, one can easily go to the best places to visit in Berlin.