Remember that the term "best" is always relative. This means finding the best Plasma TV mount isn't as simple as looking through a list and then buying whatever's at the top of that list. However, it's all about knowing what you need and finding what's best for you.

Here are a few tips you might like to use:

1) Look at the brand – most plasma TV mounts are specifically compatible to certain brands and models of TV sets. Picking the right brand could definitely make your job a whole lot easier.

The choices are a bit limited so you won't have to spend hours and hours trying to find a mount that actually works for your TV.

2) Appearance can be crucial too – you can also try and look for a mount that's not mass produced by the TV manufacturer. This gives you a much wider range of options in terms of appearance. These mounts are often designed to be both functional and aesthetical pleasing –a far cry from the usually generic-looking factory produced mounts you see today.

By going for appearance you are able to truly customize the way your TV looks! Fit it to match the room décor or just buy something that draws the eyes towards your TV.

3) Make sure of the construction – if you're buying a ready-built mount, then you should make sure that you can actually rely on the construction of that mount. Remember that the mount will be supporting a very expensive piece of equipment and you do not want to have said piece of equipment crashing down to the floor in the middle of the super bowl.

4) Follow instructions – if you are going to purchase one of those plasma TV mounts that need to be assembled, you should take care to read the instructions carefully. Check the components to see if they are complete.

If a part is missing, even if it's just a screw, try to get it replaced before building the mount. Follow the instructions carefully in order to make sure that the mount performs according to the manufacturer's standards.