Taking your little ones to local park or playground is an experience most families participate in on a regular basis. While this activity is typically safe and enjoyable for the whole family, there are certain precautions every parent should take into consideration when taking their children to a playground or building one of their very own at their own private residence.

Playground safety surfaces should always be a first priority to keep your children safe. They avoid unnecessary injuries when kids fall off of he equipment and when they run and play on it in general. An astonishing 200,000 children are injured in playground slips and falls each year.

That should be reason enough for schools and parents to follow all the safety guidelines necessary to keep children safe at all times. Playground safety surfaces that are appropriate do not include asphalt, concrete or blacktops of any kind. Those surfaces are acceptable for sport courts such as basketball and tennis and not suitable for playground surfaces that hold equipment.

Many assume grass is fine for playgrounds and while it may appear safer to cushion a fall of any kind that a child may have, it can still be soiled by weather conditions, have the weight of winter conditions wearing on it and not be helpful in preventing injuries. All play areas for children should not be located close to any body of water or rocks that can encourage accidents.

It should be free of any metals or sharp materials such as glass as well. The surfaces can be filled with mulch which is very popular and rather inexpensive. Other options would be shredded rubber along the surface or sand to cushion any falls and prevent injuries.

In most school play yards they are installing surfacing mats which are completely made of rubber and are safe while they provide better accessibility to any handicapped children as well. These are available in environmentally safe, green options and can be quite affordable for smaller spaces. They do last for years and do come with expert installations and warranties.

They are slip resistant, have built-in drainage systems to keep the surfaces dry and avoid water damages. The best playground safety surfaces will average around a few thousand for installation in a regular size play space. They are priced by square footage areas that need coverage and most companies do provide price breaks for those in volunteer or nonprofit organizations and those in need of coverage for extremely large spaces or multiple play areas.

The best thing is to look at the space you will need covered and work around your budget from that starting point. Once you have your budget in mind you can look for the best quality surfaces that you can afford for the cost. You should always go with the safest option you can afford when it comes to keeping little ones safe while playing. Looking online for these surfaces is the fastest and easiest method to locate a contractor in your area and get a quote quickly.